Pierre Mallia

iMovo Limited Managing Director Pierre Mallia on Friday celebrated the growth that the company’s team has experienced since he founded it over 12 years ago.

His comments came after the iMovo team recently got together for a teambuilding event where employees connected with one another at its Malta offices, recharging and reenergising, while also “enriching” themselves with memories that will stay with them for a “lifetime”.

“Starting out 12 years ago, I could not have foreseen where this iMovo journey was going. Now how long it would last, whether three weeks, three months, or indeed three years,” Mr Mallia said.

iMovo / LinkedIn
iMovo Limited’s team during the teambuilding event / LinkedIn

He remarked that it continued to evolve “year after year”, and today the team spans four countries and 11 nationalities, with him saying that it is “as diverse as you can get with a strong gender diversity thrown in too”.

“Having all the team over and finally getting to meet colleagues in person for the first time has been an energising and amazing time. Working, training and enjoying great social events was truly an enriching experience,” Mr Mallia added, before expressing gratitude to each employee.

Mr Mallia founded customer experience and digitalisation advisory firm iMovo in 2010, which aside from its Malta headquarters, now has remote teams in Portugal, Italy, and Lebanon. It strives to assist companies in maximising their information assets about customers and improve their workforce productivity.

The company has been working with customers across several countries including Malta, UK, Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Cyprus  and Portugal, where it successfully executed projects with major blue chip companies in sectors like retail, FMCG, manufacturing, tourism and financial services

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iMovo Limited MD Pierre Mallia


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