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ROCS Group CEO Colin Aquilina has remarked that the past year presented a number of challenges, yet was also a rewarding one for the diversified group of companies.

In a message to ROCS Group’s stakeholders at the start of 2024, Mr Aquilina remarked that the end of each year is a time when many pause to review their experiences over the past 12 months, set new goals for the coming year, and establish their New Year’s resolutions.

During this period, he is reminded of the words of American writer Mark Twain, who had said: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

“This quote embodies the essence of our journey at ROCS Group, where passion, commitment, and joy in our work are not just ideals, but our daily reality,” Mr Aquilina remarked.

Mr Aquilina has been a fundamental figure at ROCS Group for more than two decades, having served as CEO for the past eight years. Prior to that, he had worked as its Head of Finance and Business Development. During that time, ROCS Group, first established in 1972, has grown to have a presence in various sectors, ranging from media to real estate, broadcasting, travel, insurance, financial services, leisure, foreign recruitment, and retailing.

“2023 has indeed been a challenging year, yet it has been incredibly rewarding. We have not only met but surpassed expectations, continuing to thrive across the diverse industries in which we operate,” he added.

Mr Aquilina pointed out that the travel division helped create “unforgettable experiences” for families, while the investment division “ensured that thousands of families can look to their future with confidence”. He also said that in its retail segment, ROCS Group continued to focus on keeping up with trends and fashion, while the jobs division was “pivotal in servicing hundreds of companies, fulfilling their recruitment needs with precision and care”.

He noted that the previous year’s achievements were all a result of the efforts of the company’s teams. Mr Aquilina stated that their commitment is the “backbone” of ROCS Group’s success, and he is grateful for their contributions.

He also expressed gratitude to the company’s shareholders and Board of Directors, as their “trust and support” proved to be “fundamental” to ROCS Group’s work in 2023. “To our global partners, I appreciate your loyalty, consistency, and professionalism. Your collaboration has been key to our continued growth and success,” he continued.

“Above all, I thank our loyal clients who, for the past 50 years, have chosen ROCS time and again, solidifying our position as Malta’s leading household name. Your trust and patronage are our greatest accolades,” Mr Aquilina said.

He explained that as the company looks ahead to 2024, it is “poised to embrace the future with a positive and proactive approach”.

Mr Aquilina noted that he is confident that the team will “continue to go the extra mile”, and together, it will “write new chapters of success, innovation, and service excellence”.

“As we step into the New Year, let us carry forward this spirit of unity and determination. Let us continue to find joy in our work, making every day not just a day at work, but a day of fulfilment and purpose. Here’s to a prosperous and impactful 2024 for ROCS Group,” he concluded.

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ROCS Group CEO Colin Aquilina / LinkedIn


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