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The recruitment process can be long and tedious for many businesses, especially in today’s very tight labour market.

This leads to companies highlighting monetary factors such as salaries and benefits packages in their quest to find the right talent for the job, overlooking a clear job description in the process.

A well-defined and outlined job description is an essential part of a company’s recruitment process, as it lays out what responsibilities that individual is applying for, together with whether they will be working from the office, on a hybrid basis, or remotely, together with other details.

This not only allows businesses to speed up the process of hiring new talent, but also helps employers hold current and future employees accountable for the roles they are hired to perform, and in turn also holding themselves accountable about the requirements of the job.

Konnekt Recruitment Specialist Tammie Carbonaro on Tuesday outlined how crucial a job description is, especially in the bid to get the perfect fit for a certain position.

Tammie Carbonaro / LinkedIn
Konnekt Recruitment Specialist Tammie Carbonaro / LinkedIn

“Sometimes we receive job descriptions consisting of three very short points. And while we understand that for junior roles the duties could be limited, we educate our clients, over a phone call or meeting, to elaborate further on what they need and help them draft a more accurate and detailed job description,” she explained.

As a result, she listed four reasons as to why a carefully crafted job description is so important to business leaders.

Firstly, it gives companies the opportunity to “showcase their culture, values, and the benefit of working for them”. It gives potential candidates a reason for why they would want to work at that business.

Secondly, companies can make the message they want to present more “engaging” and “build interest” in the role.

A good job description also enables employers to clearly outline the role’s responsibilities, qualifications and growth opportunities, thus ensuring that candidates know what they are getting themselves into.

Lastly, a well-described job description minimises the risk of “receiving applications from ill-suited candidates”, and therefore avoids the need for unnecessary interviews, accelerating the recruitment process.

“Don’t underestimate the power of a great job description,” Ms Carbonaro said, as it is “the first step towards attracting the right talent and building a winning team”.

Ms Carbonaro has worked at recruitment agency Konnekt for over a year, and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Maltese and Psychology from University of Malta.


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