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Outgoing Residency Malta Agency CEO Charles Mizzi on Thursday looked back on his five years leading the agency, describing them as a “rollercoaster” for many reasons.

Last December, Mr Mizzi was named CEO at the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), succeeding Carl Brincat in the role with effect from 26th January 2024 (today). This came after a public call was issued earlier in 2023. Afterwards, Jonathan Cardona was appointed as Mr Mizzi’s’ successor at Residency Malta.

As he departed his role on Thursday, Mr Mizzi reflected on his term at the agency, stating that despite it being a rollercoaster of a year, “with great determination and rolled up sleeves,” as well as a dedicated team, he gave it his all to “grow a fledgling agency into a strong outfit.”

Residency Malta is the Government agency responsible for managing the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP), with the income generated from the programmes being directed to Government’s Consolidated Fund.

Mr Mizzi remarked that in order to grow the agency, “significant efforts in recruitment” had to be made, where the staff complement practically doubled. This was coupled with “training and people development, the streamlining of processes, the enhancement of checks and standards, as well as important investments in technology and automation.”

He said that these achievements came as the residency programme was reviewed and new migratory pathways for third-country nationals were introduced, as well as the additional challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is with some pride that I say that all these efforts have borne the required fruit. More specifically to keep up to speed with the increasing volumes of incoming applications, give added value to both clients and licensed agents while ultimately improving our contribution to Government and the local economy,” he added.

Mr Mizzi said that it is a “bitter-sweet moment” for him personally, as he leaves behind a passion for the industry, as well as strong relationships and a dedicated team.

He also took the opportunity to welcome Mr Cardona as the new CEO, stating that his successor will utilise his expertise to “continue steering the ship in the right direction.”

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Outgoing Residency Malta CEO and new MGA CEO Charles Mizzi / LinkedIn


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