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The road to success in business comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations, with business leaders constantly being faced with challenges related to efficiency, motivation, future outlook, and also development, among other things.

As a result, it is imperative for business leaders to remain focused on the journeys of both the business and themselves, an aspect that can be especially difficult given the different tasks that need to be completed.

Harmanci & Partners Managing Director (MD) Ezgi Harmancı has explained that in this respect, mentorship is key to keeping a business leader on track and to help unlock their full potential.

Ezgi Harmanci / LinkedIn
Harmanci & Partners MD Ezgi Harmancı / LinkedIn

In a blog post she shared on Monday, Dr Harmancı stated that a mentor is more than just someone offering career advice, but they are also the “guiding force that propels you beyond your comfort zone”.

“Embracing change and leaving the safety of familiarity can be daunting, but it is essential for growth. Human nature often seeks refuge in the known, but a mentor encourages you to venture into the unknown, pushing you to the edges of your abilities,” she said.

Relating to her own experience, she noted that she has battled imposter syndrome in the past, making it “twice as challenging” for her to take bold steps. This was the case for her when she was pursuing her passion for business alongside her legal career, as she was convinced that she “lacked the confidence to venture beyond the realm of law” and could not envision herself in the corporate world.

“However, my mentor ignited a rapid transformation, challenging me to embrace these opportunities fearlessly,” Dr Harmancı added.

She explained that mentors tend to have an “intimate understanding” of one’s potential, often more than the individual themself can see. “They believe in your brilliance and challenge you to new heights, motivating you to break free from your self-imposed limitations. With their guidance, you’ll discover the courage to pursue your dreams, conquer your fears, and embark on paths you once deemed unreachable,” she continued.

The journey of growth and self-discovery can prove to be “painful”, and thus having the right mentor is “paramount”, Dr Harmancı said, before adding that they should be someone that is trustworthy and be ready to “take a leap of faith” with the aspiring business leader.

She recalled how she would have never gone through the path she took without her mentor’s belief, as they “shattered” the limiting beliefs within her and helped her recognise the “vast potential” within herself. Dr Harmancı has served as Managing Director at Harmanci & Partners for over eight years, and over those years, she has served on various boards, including as Chairperson of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry’s Maltese Turkish Business Council.

“Life is rife with distractions, tempting us to pursue quick riches and shortcuts. However, true success lies in the pursuit of knowledge and continuous learning. The path to greatness may be arduous, but it yields invaluable rewards,” she noted.

Over the course of her journey, there were moments where she “felt like a child experiencing the pains of physical growth”, as if her “bones were stretching to accommodate a higher purpose”. In this same way, she explained that “careers require discomfort to thrive”, and without the right mentor, individuals can end up “getting stuck in self-doubt”.

She proceeded to outline talent, tools, and skills as the key elements contributing to success. While talent is innate and a “natural superpower within each of us”, the right tools and skills are needed to “shape and refine that talent into something extraordinary”. That is where mentors come in, as they are the “most critical tool” in the journey, offering guidance through the complexities of life and ensuring one stays on track.

“Remember, the path to success may be filled with uncertainties and difficulties, but with the right mentor by your side, you’ll find the courage to overcome any obstacle. Trust in your mentor, trust in yourself, and trust in the transformative power of mentorship,” Dr Harmancı said. Through a mentor’s guidance, an individual can reach heights they “never thought possible and inspire others to do the same,” she concluded.

Dr Harmancı has served as MD of Harmanci & Partners since 2015, a Malta-based multidisciplinary legal and consulting firm catering to non-EU members who would like to establish their businesses in Malta or Europe. Ever since she graduated with a Bachelor of Law from Marmara University in 2010, she has gone on to occupy various senior positions, including as Partner at Grand Harbour Exclusive, Director at Acun Medya Global, and various legal advisory positions. She is also reading for a Master of Business Administration in Management and Operations from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

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