The Growth Bully Founder and CEO Stephen Ellul on Friday emphasised the need for business leaders to give priority to a healthy work-life balance, noting that it is not a “luxury”, but a “necessity” in today’s business world.

Over the last two months, he fell ill three times, yet during that time, operations “didn’t stall” and projects “didn’t halt”, as he remarked that the company’s team was “nothing short of phenomenal” during that period.

“This is not a story of my resilience but a testament to the team’s undying commitment and skill,” Mr Ellul said. He added that when he had to step back, “the team stepped up”, a sign of the culture that the company has developed over the years, and he “couldn’t be prouder”.

The Growth Bully / Stephen Ellul
The Growth Bully’s team / Stephen Ellul / LinkedIn

Additionally, business leaders must ensure that their teams are well prepared for when they need to handle certain tasks on their own, as effective delegation will go a long way towards helping business leaders establish a healthier work-life balance.

 Acknowledging this, Mr Ellul said that as someone who “preaches” work-life balance, the past three months have been rather ironic.

“Clocking in more than 12 hours a day, prepping for new partnerships and our upcoming new office”, he reflected.

“But here’s the reality check: balance isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. This is a call to recalibrate,” Mr Ellul affirmed.

He added that longevity in business “calls for balance”. Ultimately, the company’s team is a business leader’s “safety net”, and a leader needs to know when to take that well-deserved breather.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for the people and processes that allow this team to thrive even when the captain is down. This isn’t just a win for me; it’s a win for every member of this team,” he concluded.

For some tips on how to establish a healthy work-life balance, click here.

Mr Ellul founded The Growth Bully in 2021 with the aim to utilise his experience in marketing, events, social media and business development to assist businesses and brands in connecting with their customers and grow their sales through B2B and B2C activations. The team has since grown and now services over 90 clients across various industries, including aesthetics, reproductive health, hospitality, fitness, e-commerce, and real estate, among others.

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The Growth Bully Founder and CEO Stephen Ellul


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