Gege Gatt CEO Gege Gatt has stated that the main challenge business leaders will face in 2024 is to adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape, including addressing the skills gap present when it comes to the use of emerging technologies.

Dr Gatt was commenting as part of’s end-of-year interview series, during which he remarked that the everchanging technological environment will pose plenty of opportunities as well as challenges to the business world in the coming 12 months. This follows what he described as a “hallmark” 2023 for embracing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and increasing adoption within the healthtech and fintech sectors.

Dr Gatt is Co-Founder and CEO of, an AI technology company which seeks to disrupt and improve the way businesses interact with their customers. He is a digital entrepreneur, an IT law specialist, as well as an expert in implementing AI business solutions.

He remarked that 2023 witnessed increased AI adoption, adaptation to evolving EU regulations, and a push for digital transformation.

“The focus on innovation reflects’s commitment to integrating AI in meaningful ways, while adaptability was key in navigating the challenges of a dynamic European market environment,” he explained. Dr Gatt added that the transformative aspect underscores the company’s role in “reshaping how businesses leverage AI for efficiency and compliance.”

He said that on a more personal note, one of his proudest accomplishments from the past year was spearheading the deep integration of AI solutions within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

“This project not only aligns with’s aspirations of expanding its footprint in healthcare, but also resonates with my professional goal of making a meaningful impact in the healthcare sector,” Dr Gatt explained.

Last year, Dr Gatt had urged authorities to utilise technologies to make healthcare more accessible and to meet demand. He had said that Malta has the “perfect conditions” to give AI and innovative technologies more prominence within the healthcare sector, particularly since the country is “blessed with a digitally mature audience,” thus assisting adoption.

On the NHS project, Dr Gatt remarked that the success achieved through this initiative in improving patient care and streamlining operations has proven to be a significant milestone in his career, reflecting his personal commitment to “healthcare innovation and’s mission to revolutionise healthtech with AI.”

However, he acknowledged that reaching these milestones wouldn’t have been possible without the resilience of the team when faced with 2023’s challenges. He is also grateful for the trust clients placed in

“Their confidence in our AI solutions, especially in critical areas like healthcare, fuelled our commitment to delivering high-quality, regulation-compliant products,” Dr Gatt said.

As he ushered in the new year, he remarked that 2024 will bring plenty of opportunities in the areas of hyperautomation and ethical AI. This is particularly the case when enhancing operational efficiencies and “opening new avenues” for sustainable AI development.

However, there will also be increased challenges within the rapidly developing AI space, Dr Gatt said.

“The primary challenges will include addressing the skill gap in advanced technologies and adapting to the rapidly evolving global tech landscape,” he affirmed.

AI has developed tremendously over the past few years, but while many have been fearful that these technologies could potentially take their jobs, AI specialists have said that this will not be the case, but business leaders must find ways to upskill and reskill their workforce to make the best use of these technologies.

Dr Gatt emphasised that businesses need to invest in talent development, yet must also set in place “strategic planning” so that they are prepared for this shift.

From a more personal standpoint, Dr Gatt said that he is keen to further develop his understanding about the best means to utilise AI solutions within different sectors.

“In the new year, there’s a clear European trajectory to deepen the understanding and implementation of AI ethics in technology products,” he remarked.

He added that this involves “understanding and implementing” best practices in developing and deploying AI solutions that are not just efficient, but also “socially responsible and ethically sound.” Dr Gatt emphasised that this is especially the case in sensitive sectors like healthcare.

Aside from that, he is eager to integrate more mindfulness into his daily routine.

When asked where he sees himself in a year’s time, Dr Gatt said that he envisions himself having grown both personally and professionally, “paralleling’s aspirations.”

“This means being more deeply involved in AI innovation, particularly in the healthtech and fintech sectors, and contributing significantly to’s expansion and success,” he explained.

He added that he also anticipates him having a “pivotal role” in driving forward the company’s AI initiatives, particularly in the major markets it has earmarked.

“My aim is to be at a point where my personal development aligns seamlessly with’s trajectory towards being a leader in AI solutions,” Dr Gatt concluded.

Featured Image: Co-Founder and CEO Gege Gatt

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