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SuperCharger Ventures Malta Ltd Managing Director (MD) Patrick Hulsen has pointed out that tackling the issue of upskilling workers is a crucial challenge that must be tackled by businesses in 2024.

The experienced entrepreneur was speaking to for our end-of-year interview series, during which he explained that his 2023 can be best described as a year filled with “momentum, expansion, and hospitality.”

Mr Hulsen only arrived in Malta early in 2023, after becoming MD for the Malta operations of SuperCharger Ventures, a company providing an accelerator programme for education technology (EdTech) start-ups, education institutions, and corporations. While he has already explored a great deal of the country, and is thankful for the heartwarming welcome he has received from the local community and business network, Mr Hulsen remarked that he is determined to delve further into the history and culture of the Maltese Islands.

Looking back at the past year, Mr Hulsen said that 2023 was characterised by a surge in momentum, as he needed a significant amount of “energy and drive” to hit the ground running Malta. This involved meeting so many people in the local ecosystem, resulting in SuperChargers Ventures having 600 followers on its LinkedIn page.

He also said that he enjoyed the success of “exploding” all of the company’s key performance indicators (KPIs), and for witnessing growth within the team, office, and the SuperChargers Ventures network as a whole.

When asked what his most notable achievements from the past year were, he said that creating a physical EdTech accelerator in less than six months, “showcasing efficiency and initiative,” has to be up there.

Last year, SuperCharger Ventures launched its Malta Accelerator, a 12-week programme aimed at helping start-ups “supercharge” their expansion, enabling them to be eligible to apply for follow-on funding of up to €500,000.

He added that he was proud of the fact that 153 companies from 40 countries applied for the programme, for which there were only 15 available spots. Mr Hulsen remarked that this is “proof of a significant impact.”

Additionally, he said that he also takes pride for having the opportunity to cultivate connections with the local ecosystem, “fostering collaboration, and making SuperCharger Ventures Malta a competitive global player.” Mr Hulsen stated that he is grateful for the Maltese mindset and the local culture, traditions, and business acumen, coupled with the “genuine friendliness and professionalism experienced,” all factors which have allowed him to settle in.

As he looks ahead to the coming 12 months, he said that a key target and opportunity will be to double the number of companies in the accelerator, expanding online tracks, and also fostering collaborations with various institutions.

On the other hand, there are several different challenges, especially tied to “navigating the dynamic landscape of EdTech.”

He added that it is also vital for SuperCharger Ventures and others in the space to “stay ahead of trends” and to “address the evolving needs of upskilling workers globally.”

From a more personal point of view, Mr Hulsen said that he is eager to surround himself more with the history and culture of Malta and to “get to know a few more Maltese expressions.”

“We already organised six cultural tours in Malta for the companies in our cohort thanks to the help of an amazing local history teacher,” he explained.

In terms of making any changes to his daily routine, he said that routine “bores” him, and he has the privilege of “living a life where no two days are alike.”

“I will look to incorporate more sports and possibly re-engaging in free diving, continuing a healthier and more active lifestyle,” Mr Hulsen added.

A year from now, he sees SuperCharger Ventures positioning itself as a “driving force in developing Malta as an international EdTech hub and becoming the industry leader.”

“I foresee the industry’s significant growth and impact on upskilling worldwide. A market worth $500 billion (€460 billion) today which will increase to over $1 trillion (€920 billion) in less than five years,” he concluded.

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SuperCharger Ventures Malta Ltd MD Patrick Hulsen / SuperCharger Ventures

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