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Bajada Lyons Group Chairperson Mark Bajada on Tuesday shared that life as an entrepreneur involves a balance between being a role model and seeking guidance and assistance from others.

Mr Bajada is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been at the helm of the diversified investment company, involved in numerous sectors including renewable energy and elderly care, for more than 34 years. Aside from his work at Bajada Lyons Group, he has also invested in various start-ups and is also Vice President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

Mark Bajada / LinkedIn
Bajada Lyons Group Chairperson Mark Bajada (right) / LinkedIn

Over the course of his career, Mr Bajada has often found himself in a position where has to act as an “entrepreneurial role model” for others. While he tends to share his experiences and insights, he also acknowledged that there is also a lesser-known side to him. Like other people, he also yearns for “moments of solitude and self-reflection”.

“In the role of a teacher, there’s an unspoken truth, that I am also a perpetual student. The journey of imparting knowledge is intricately woven with my own pursuit of learning, a symbiotic relationship that continually shapes my entrepreneurial path,” Mr Bajada said.

He explained: “Support, a cornerstone of my role, is a two-way street.”

Very often, business leaders are seen as sources of guidance and assistance to employees, with many coming to them for support. However, when business leaders themselves require support, it is not that easy. This makes it essential for them to build a supportive network of individuals, be it family, friends, colleagues, mentors, or business partners, who they can turn to during their toughest moments.

While Mr Bajada repeatedly offers his support to others, there are also moments when he has to depend on the support and help of those around him. In this context, “vulnerability becomes a source of strength”, as it is a way of accepting that leaders also seek solace in the collective embrace of others.

Additionally, there are also instances when fatigue starts to set in and the need for rejuvenation, regeneration, and rest become “paramount”, he said.

A healthy work-life balance has been a heavily-discussed subject in the business space in recent years. However, while many business leaders have been focused on instilling a positive work environment and providing benefits to employees, some have done this to the detriment of their own physical and mental well-being.

“Despite the energetic façade, there are moments when rest becomes a vital component in sustaining the passion and dedication that characterise the entrepreneurial journey,” Mr Bajada continued.

He stated that by sharing these reflections, he is seeking to reveal the “nuanced reality” and “multifaceted existed” that an entrepreneur is faced with. While one has to serve as a role model, they must also seek guidance. Entrepreneurs are both the “supporter and the one in need, the tireless and the one in need of rest,” Mr Bajada stated.

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Bajada Lyons Group Chairperson Mark Bajada / LinkedIn


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