Ann Fenech

On Friday, 1923 Investments plc announced that Ann Fenech, has resigned from her role as a Director of the company and as a member of the Audit Committee, with effect from 21st November 2023. The announcement was published on the Malta Stock Exchange.  

Dr Fenech was appointed Director in 2020, following the resignation of Austin Gatt from his role as Director, Legal and Judicial Representative.

1923 Investments plc, previously known as PTL Holdings plc, has a number of operating subsidiaries across technology and retail segments. 1923 Investments plc is the investment arm of Hili Ventures Ltd, its parent company.

The company holds three group of companies: Harvest Technology, iSpot & Cortland and E-Lifecycle Holdings. Apart from Malta, its commercial activities spread to Poland, Hungary and Germany.  

The company stated that David Bonnet, the Chairman of the Board of Directors will be taking Dr Fenech’s place as a member of the committee, with immediate effect.

Further to the announcements, the Board extended “its thanks and appreciation to Dr Fenech for her service to the company.”


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