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On Thursday, Malta Freeport welcomed its largest containership to ever come to Malta, the MSC Mette.

Malta Freeport Terminals CEO Alex Montebello stated that it is “a very proud moment” for everyone at the company when it breaks new ground.

“We look forward to many moments like this as we prepare to embark on the expansion of Terminal Two in our continuous drive to make Malta Freeport one of the best equipped and most technically advanced in the Mediterranean region,” he added.

MSC Mette

The MSC Mette spans the length of four football pitches, 400 metres, and possesses the capability to carry more than 24,000 TEU containers.

The MSC Mette was guided to the Terminal Two North Quay, where five huge quayside cranes were waiting to complete a remarkable 4,250 container moves.

Built by the Jiangnan Shipyard, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), the MSC Mette was delivered only last July.

The mega containership incorporates a range of innovative features that reduce its environmental impact while enhancing operational efficiency including a small bulbous bow, large diameter propellers and energy-saving ducts.

Furthermore, the giant containership is fitted with an air lubrication system that minimises drag on the hull. Experts estimate that this technology will provide energy savings of three to four per cent, leading to a substantial decrease in CO2 emissions.

Malta Freeport Terminals announced the Terminal Two expansion last April, after signing a landmark agreement with Government, which will further enhance its capability to handle the mega containerships that dominate today’s maritime industry.

The freeport, which invested more than €320 million in infrastructure, new equipment and technology, currently offers services to 116 ports worldwide – more than 50 of which are in the Mediterranean – on 15 mainline and several feeder routes operated by major shipping lines.

The facility has also been named by the prestigious shipping publication Lloyds List among the top 10 ports in the world in terms of growth in percentage terms.

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Malta Freeport Terminals CEO Alex Montebello / LinkedIn


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