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Personal development and learning new skills are crucial in the business world if an individual wants to improve their productivity, be more innovative, and have a more positive time at work overall

This is especially the case when faced with adversity, as business leaders need to learn more to find viable solutions to address the issue in question.

Sales and Leadership Trainer and Coach Alex Falzon highlighted this on Saturday, stating that to encourage such self-growth, one has to have the right attitude, behaviour, and character.

Alex Falzon / LinkedIn
Sales and Leadership Trainer and Coach Alex Falzon / LinkedIn

The topic emerged as he continued to recover from an operation he had a few weeks ago, having dealt with ankle issues for more than a year. The issues are keeping him from playing football and practicing long-distance running, yet he has since continued to deliver training sessions.

“As my ankle recovery journey continues, I’ve had some time to reflect on the connection between walking with crutches and the process of learning a new skill,” Mr Falzon said, before adding that “it all boils down to the ABCs of growth: attitude, behaviour, and character”.

Firstly, he pointed out that just as he has maintained a positive attitude throughout his recovery, it is crucial to embrace each step of a learning process with “determination”.

“Whether it’s mastering a new language, a technical skill, or leadership qualities, believing in your ability to learn is half the battle,” he explained.

Mr Falzon added that behaviour is another essential quality, as similar to how walking with crutches requires patience, practice and precision, so does acquiring a new skill. He said that consistent behaviour is key.

“Dedicate time each day to hone your craft, and over time, those small efforts accumulate into significant progress,” he continued.

Lastly, he remarked that when it comes to character, once an individual has practiced enough of a skill, it eventually becomes “second nature”.

“This journey has helped me realise that adversity shapes character. It’s not about the speed at which you walk or the speed at which you learn, but the quality of your stride and the depth of your understanding,” Mr Falzon said.

He added that whether one is going through life with crutches, stepping outside their comfort zone, or learning a new skill, the ABCs of growth are good to keep in mind. “Maintain a positive attitude, practice diligently, and let your character evolve with each step you take,” he concluded.

Mr Falzon has worked as a Sales and Leadership Trainer and Coach for more than three years, with the aim of helping people “unlock their potential”. Prior to that, he had experiences at Vodafone Business, Allied Newspapers Ltd, and Gutenberg Press Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Business and Managerial Economics from University of Malta.


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