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Psychology in Practice Co-Founder Mary Rose Gatt on Thursday encouraged business leaders to become more aware of the common signs of depression in order to safeguard their employees’ wellbeing.

Her reflections came on National Depression Screening Day, a day which is observed annually as part of Mental Illness Awareness Week during the first week of October.

Ms Gatt remarked that depression can be “hard to identify”, especially if one does not know exactly what they are looking for.

“The place of work is where people spend most of their time. Being aware of common symptoms and behaviours associated with depression can literally help save a life,” she added.

Being able to identify the signs of poor mental health will enable business leaders to be in a better position to support their members of staff “when they need it”.

Hence, Ms Gatt proceeded to list some key behaviours that might indicate depression, starting off with “frequent sick days” and “arriving late at work”.

She added that an employee constantly looking tired and complaining of feeling tired is also a possible sign.

She also noted that showcasing a sense of withdrawal and reluctance to interact are also key indicators of depression. Employees who are “easily irritated” could also be suffering from depression.

“It is not uncommon for some people to be able to mask depression,” Ms Gatt highlighted.

“Knowing your employees well can help you identify slight changes in patterns of behaviour and intervene before it is too late,” she concluded.

Ms Gatt co-founded Psychology in Practice together with Kim Spiteri last August, having worked as a Clinical Psychologist for over seven years. Through Psychology in Practice, the pair aim to establish a “vibrant professional development hub” where organisations can access a range of “learning, training, and psychological assessment services”. Ms Gatt holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, both from University of Malta.

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Psychology in Practice Co-Founder Mary Rose Gatt / LinkedIn


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