As an affiliate program in betting and gambling with more than 30,000 partners and five million users involved, 888STARZ Partners is eager to share promotional tactics of one of the hottest events in 2024 — EURO-24

Summer is in full swing, and 888STARZ Partners has launched two exciting promotions: the summer tournament for partners with a prize pool of over $120,000 (€111,995) and the raffle for EURO-24. Don’t miss out on this opportunity: participate and win!

In the article, Head of Affiliates of 888STARZ Partners, Michelle, will share her own path as well as unveil how to actually work with event betting offers to maximise advertising revenue.

How did you start working in the iGaming industry and get to your current position?

Michelle: All in all, I’ve been working in the field of iGaming for more than five years. My path started as a Quality Control Manager in a gambling and betting network of brands. Then over time I was promoted and started to manage a team of more than 80 people.


After that, I switched to working for a direct advertiser, 888STARZ Partners, and my first position was Junior Affiliate Manager. Quickly enough, I developed my skills and knowledge and became a team lead again. Mostly, I was engaged in the organisation of managers and the control of their transactions, interacted with partners, and built primary processes in the department.

The work was really exciting for me, so my path led me to becoming a Tech Team Lead. More global advertising processes and the promotion of the affiliate brand in the market seemed captivating to me, so I began to delve deeper into traffic quality analysis.

All of the activities, promotions, and expertise got me into strategic planning and the organisation of affiliate processes with the building of predictive models and the work of the brand through affiliates. Basically, that’s how I got into the position I am in now: Head of Affiliates.

From your expertise in iGaming, can you share how event betting offers actually differ from gambling and classic betting ones?

Michelle: For sure, any betting offer is about sports events, while iGaming encompasses both gambling and betting niches. When we launch betting offers during big sports events, it is crucial to remember the specifics of the niche.

Firstly, the importance of analytics and forecasting is undeniable. Based on the forecast, we have to estimate the resources that are necessary to get a certain traffic amount. We also count the percentage of conditional profit as well as the amount we can potentially spend on an offer and this way the offer is created.

The main trick of event offers is that all the points I mentioned triple in their importance. Furthermore, they need to be strictly limited in time for both partners and players, otherwise, we will simply overheat them.

Any tips for advertisers in terms of creatives and landing pages for event betting offers, like EURO-24?

Michelle: Of course!

Let me just specify that we do offer localised promotional materials for free to our partners, so the process is a lot easier for them. We work with affiliates individually, based on their audience, which creates a personalised approach through partners to their TA and causes greater trust. It is important to us as a brand and an affiliate programme, all of these boost retention greatly.

First of all, it is crucial to take into account the motivation of your TA to place bets, for instance, if you target tier one for EURO-24, it is mostly entertainment and excitement of the upcoming event.

Moreover, it is vital to properly translate and localise LPs, making sure all the relevant payment methods are specified on your website. They can greatly differ for tier three countries and can be oddly specific, while for tier one it’s mostly about credit cards, though the safest choice for almost any GEO is crypto.

For event betting, it’s crucial to watch match previews, and expert predictions and actually be abreast of what’s happening during games of the exact championship. This will help you to be ahead of competitors and use the most hyped info in your texts.

Any general advice for those who promote event betting?

Michelle: Yes.

Obviously, it depends on the source, if you work with SEO, you need to start cooperating with brands in advance for several months, or even for half a year for such important events as EURO-24.

It is vital not only to provide users with some unique huge promos but also to be able to work technically with high volumes and with their subsequent analytics. Accordingly, it is necessary to minimise any technical risks of losing such traffic in vain.

Speaking about whether it is possible for beginners to go to event betting, I would say that, of course, it is worth trying.


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