Over the past few decades, the landscape of the gambling industry has changed significantly. New technology and better regulations mean that more people than ever are now choosing to play online rather than at traditional land-based casinos. The iGaming industry, which has emerged since the late 90s, is now worth billions, and much of it is centred around Malta.

Despite being a small island nation in the Mediterranean, Malta has become a hub for online gambling. Some of the biggest iGaming operators are based on the island, and casinos based here have a world-famous reputation. You can find all the best online casinos in Malta at bestonlinecasino.com, with a ranking of top sites based on specific criteria. So, what exactly makes Malta such an important place for iGaming, and why do their online casinos stand out? Find out in this article. 

How Malta became the ultimate destination for online gaming

When the first online casinos went live, they had a lot of potential. However, there was no way for players to know if they could trust the games they offered. Many sites were unsafe to use, and players lost money due to rigged games and unfair practices. The government of Malta saw the potential of online gambling platforms and set out to create regulations to improve standards.

The Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) was created in the early 2000s and soon became one of the most important organisations in the iGaming world. The MGA was responsible for creating regulations on how online casinos should operate and licensing sites that pass its strict tests. These tests help to set high standards, and the licence is a sign that players can trust the site.

Today, the MGA is still one of the most trusted and well-respected casino licensing authorities. It sets the standards for online gaming, and the licence is a mark of trust that players can rely on. Players who want a fair and enjoyable gaming experience simply need to look for casinos that are licensed by the MGA when choosing a site.  

Attracting top talent to Malta

In addition, the government of Malta helped incentivise iGaming companies to move to the island by offering tax breaks and improved conditions. As a result, many big companies now have their headquarters in Malta, and this has helped to create new jobs and opportunities for local people. This includes major casino operators, developers and much more. 

While Malta used to depend on tourism for its economy, a large percentage of its GDP now comes from iGaming. This has also helped to create adjacent industries in technology, data analytics and more.

What makes Malta online casinos stand out

Players looking for a new online casino often look out for whether the site has a Malta Gaming Authority licence. Safety is one of the most important aspects that players need to consider when playing online for real money. Players want to know that their funds are safe when they sign up and make a deposit.

Fair gaming

Malta casinos stand out by ensuring that their games are tested and confirmed as fair to play. This is a condition of receiving a licence, and it helps ensure players can trust the games they play aren’t rigged against them. All games show their return to player rate (RTP), which gives an expectation of what to expect when playing for a long period of time.

Improved security

Modern casinos also take security very seriously, ensuring players are safe when they sign up and play. For example, features such as encryption secure payment details, while two-factor authentication is used to protect player accounts from unauthorised access. Read up on the importance of two-factor authentication from TechRadar

The best games

Online casinos need to be fun, and Malta gaming platforms consistently host leading games. As many casino software developers are based in Malta, it makes sense that these sites would have the best access to all the top software. Players who sign up to online gambling sites in Malta can enjoy a wide selection of exciting games, including all the latest slots and live dealer games. 

Bonus offers

Aside from offering the best games, Malta online casinos increase the fun factor with creative bonuses and promotions. These special offers help attract new players while also improving player retention, and they make it worthwhile for players to join. As with any promotion, terms and conditions are used to prevent the casino from losing money. However, even if a promotion loses money in the short term, in the long term, it will improve revenue as long as players stick around. 


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