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BNF Bank plc Chief Legal & Compliance Officer Jean Noel Cutajar on Friday remarked that he is optimistic about the opportunities that await him in 2024, even as he navigates different challenges in life.

Dr Cutajar was reflecting on his 2023, noting that the year was marked by “substantial personal and professional growth”.

“Through this time, I encountered challenges, met remarkable individuals in the legal and banking fields, and had the privilege of establishing connections with new acquaintances in unfamiliar social circles that were unfamiliar to me,” he explained.

He pointed out that one of the most significant things he will cherish from the past year is “building new connections with people”.

“I realised the value of getting to know individuals with different backgrounds and experiences,” Dr Cutajar said, before expressing gratitude to all those he connected with.

Turning to his professional career, Dr Cutajar said that he feels “blessed to be part of a dedicated team at BNF Bank”.

He joined the Malta-based bank in 2021, initially as Head of the Legal Department and Company Secretary. He was promoted to his present position in 2022.

Dr Cutajar said that during 2023, the team at BNF Bank worked hard and “the results speak for themselves”.

“To everyone at BNF Bank, your commitment inspires me to face new challenges in the coming year. While 2024 will undoubtedly present its own challenges, I am confident it will also bring great opportunities for all of us,” he continued.

Dr Cutajar also wanted to express gratitude towards the members of the St John Ambulance and Rescue Association, a voluntary organisation that seeks to provide first aid and rescue services to members of the Maltese community. He said that their commitment to helping people when it truly matters is truly commendable.

“Your efforts reinforce my belief that great achievements are possible beyond private and public interests, without financial expectations. Thank you for making a positive impact in our society with your commitment,” he added.

Dr Cutajar concluded by wishing his connections a “successful and prosperous new year”, adding that as many navigate their “individual life challenges” in 2024, he is still “optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead in the future”.

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BNF Bank Chief Legal & Compliance Officer Jean Noel Cutajar / BNF Bank


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