In the realm of entrepreneurial leadership, Matthew Narusevicius stands out for his distinctive approach to building and leading winning teams across his diverse ventures. From the inception of his career to the management of successful companies, Mr Narusevicius has consistently championed a leadership philosophy centred on vision, collaboration, and hands-on involvement. 

Mr Narusevicius’s journey began with a clear vision and a willingness to take risks, laying the foundation for his unique leadership style. At the core of his approach is a commitment to creating a culture of excellence. Leading WFDM Ltd, he emphasises: “Our approach revolves around establishing genuine connections with individuals, not just meeting quotas. Our primary commitment is to ensure that the candidates we recommend not only excel in their roles but also seamlessly integrate with the company culture.” 

Matthew Narusevicius
WFDM Ltd CEO Matthew Narusevicius

Key to his leadership is the empowerment of his team through trust and collaboration. By giving team members autonomy and fostering a sense of ownership, he cultivates an environment that “encourages innovation and continuous improvement”. This approach reflects a belief in the collective strength of a motivated and empowered workforce.

A distinguishing feature of Mr Narusevicius’s leadership style is leading by example. Whether working long hours to motivate his team, being actively involved in marketing and accounts, or even taking on tasks like motorbike maintenance, he underscores the importance of hands-on leadership. “I’m one person after all; it’s the people that make the business. Without them, I am nothing,” he emphasises. 

As Mr Narusevicius’s ventures expanded, his focus on strategic diversification ensured corresponding team growth. The journey from a one-man-army to a sizable workforce saw a commitment to motivating the team daily. The diversification of WFDM Ltd into various industries presented new opportunities for skill development and collaboration, reinforcing the belief that a winning team adapts and thrives in a dynamic business landscape. 

Looking forward, Mr Narusevicius states that he remains committed to the expansion of the recruitment side of WFDM Ltd. His emphasis on diversification and internationalisation underscores a forward-thinking approach to team building, ensuring the company stays agile and provides continuous opportunities for professional growth. 

At the core of his leadership philosophy is the recognition that success in business is fundamentally tied to the human element. By creating a culture where individuals thrive, collaborate, and innovate, he has redefined what it means to lead in today’s fast-paced entrepreneurial landscape. Mr Narusevicius is not just steering companies; he is championing a people-first approach that resonates as a beacon for leaders navigating the complexities of the modern business world.


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