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Dear Luca,

I’m facing a pivotal moment in my career and seek your guidance. As a 34-year-old senior manager at a well-established gaming company in Malta, I’ve reached my current position by frequently changing jobs, never staying more than two-three years at a place. This approach has opened a new door for me: a lucrative offer from a start-up.

To paint a clearer picture, I currently earn €60,000, but this new opportunity promises a jump to €80,000 with potential increases and equity participation. This is not just an offer; it’s a career-defining leap. The contract is ready for my signature.

My dilemma, however, isn’t about the job itself. Just last month, my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world. This joyous event has added a layer of complexity to my decision-making process. Previously, job-hopping was a straightforward choice, but now, the stakes feel higher.

My current position is with a renowned, stable company, presenting a sense of security that’s hard to overlook. The start-up, while offering a more attractive financial package, carries the inherent risks of any new venture.

I’m torn between the safety of the known and the allure of potential growth. I don’t doubt my ability to secure another job if needed, but I’m contemplating the broader implications for my young family.

Could you offer some insights or strategies to help me face this crossroads?


Ambitious Yet Anxious

Luca Responds:

Dear Ambitious Yet Anxious,

Thank you for sharing your concerns, especially at such a moment in your personal life. The decision to move from a stable position to a start-up, particularly with a newborn in the family, is a significant one.

Firstly, let’s consider the financial safety net. Do you have an emergency fund in place? Ideally, this should cover at least six months of living expenses, more if possible. Given the unpredictable nature of start-ups, this fund becomes even more crucial. It’s not just a buffer against potential job instability, but also a safeguard for any unforeseen expenses that often come with parenting.

Next, what’s the situation with your wife’s career? If she is working and her job is stable, her income could provide additional security during this transition. This could be a vital factor in mitigating the risks associated with moving to a less stable job environment.

Regarding your career trajectory, while job-hopping might have served you well in climbing the ladder quickly, there’s also value in showing potential future employers that you can commit long-term. Staying a bit longer in your current role could demonstrate this ability to ‘settle’, adding another dimension to your professional persona. This is not just about amassing more experience or savings; it’s about showcasing a well-rounded career path.

However, I understand the allure of a new challenge, especially one that’s financially and potentially personally rewarding. If the new role at the start-up excites you and aligns with your long-term career aspirations, it’s worth considering. Just ensure that you’ve thoroughly assessed the risks and have a plan in place. Building or bolstering your emergency fund, considering your family’s overall income stability, and understanding the full scope of the start-up’s prospects are critical steps.

In conclusion, remember that more money doesn’t always equate to more happiness. This decision isn’t just about financial gain; it’s about balancing your professional ambitions with the well-being and stability of your family. Weigh all factors carefully, and whatever choice you make, ensure it aligns with both your career goals and your new responsibilities as a parent.

Best of luck in your decision,


The Money Coach, from the Money Coaching Hub


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