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CFO Roderick Attard on Saturday announced that he has left Acroud after more than five years at the iGaming affiliate company.

The news comes following the publication of the company’s interim report for the final quarter of 2022, during which time revenue grew to 6.9 per cent and it acquired 60 per cent shareholding in Acroud Media Ltd for approximately £5.1 million (€5.74 million). The report also confirmed that Tricia Vella, who was formerly Head of Finance, was appointed Interim CFO on 8th February 2023, taking Mr Attard’s position while the company searches for a permanent replacement.

Tricia Vella / LinkedIn
Tricia Vella / LinkedIn

“Yesterday’s publication of 2022 year-end report marks the end of my assignment at Acroud. It’s been an exciting rollercoaster journey, starting more than five years ago as a Financial Controller and ending as Group CFO,” Mr Attard explained. He proceeded to thank the board, management, and the rest of the team for the “trust, support, and dedication” shown throughout his time there.

“I leave behind me a very strong finance team of whom I am very proud,” he said, before adding that he has “learnt a lot” both on a personal and professional level, ranging from accounting technicalities, managing different people and expectations, working and communicating within a listed environment, to being exposed to acquisitions and refinancing processes. He also remarked that he has gained “knowledge, experiences, and relationships” which he will continue to “treasure” in his future positions.

“Goodbyes are never easy, and I will miss my colleagues dearly,” he said.

He concluded by saying that he is looking forward for a “short break”, before going “all-in again onto the next big project”, which he is yet to determine what it will be.

Mr Attard first joined Acroud in 2017, when he worked as Financial Controller at Highlight Media Group, which was then acquired by the iGaming affiliate company. He also served as Operational CFO before he was named Head of Finance at Acroud in 2020. He worked as CFO at the firm for over a year, during which time he was responsible for the financial reporting, policies, and internal process of the group, among other tasks.

Prior to that, he worked at KPMG Malta for more than seven years in various roles, including as Audit Manager. During his time there, he also had a six-month experience as Assistant Manager at KPMG Channel Islands.

Mr Attard holds a Bachelor of Accounting in Accounting and Auditing and a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance, both from University of Malta.

Established in 2003 with the idea to make it “easier for users to find, compare and choose the right digital services”, Acroud has since grown to have a team of more than 75 employees. It is headquartered in Malta, but also has offices in Denmark, the UK, and Sweden.

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