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The Growth Bully Founder and CEO Stephen Ellul on Thursday highlighted that delays from clients can result in missed opportunities in the marketing industry.

“Clients are their own worst enemy” when working towards marketing success, he said, before adding that this is a controversial question that “needs addressing”.

“In the dynamic world of marketing, the difference between a successful and a failed campaign often hinges on client cooperation,” he added.

While cooperation with clients is vital across most business sectors, this is especially relevant in marketing, given constantly shifting trends and people’s limited attention spans.

“Slow feedback loops or delayed decision-making can lead to missed opportunities and ineffective campaigns,” Mr Ellul continued.

Additionally, he remarked that clients need to understand that their “active participation and swift responses” are not only desirable, but “vital for the success of their marketing efforts”.

He pointed out that marketing is essentially a “collaborative process”, and when clients and agencies work together in an efficient manner, “the results can be extraordinary”.

“Cooperation and quick action are not just buzzwords, but essential elements of successful marketing campaigns,” he concluded.

Mr Ellul founded The Growth Bully in 2021 with the aim to utilise his experience in marketing, events, social media, and business development to assist businesses and brands in connecting with their customers and grow their sales through B2B and B2C activations. The team has since grown and now services over 90 clients across various industries, including medical aesthetics, reproductive health, hospitality, fitness, e-commerce, and real estate, among others.

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The Growth Bully Founder and CEO Stephen Ellul / LinkedIn

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