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Healthcare Logistics CEO Arthur Gerada has remarked that the partnership with UK-headquartered Clinitouch will help reduce the long-term occupation of hospital beds in Malta through the introduction of remote monitoring technology.

This came after the two entities on Thursday announced the partnership, the fruit of productive conversations which started earlier this year at Dubai healthcare expo Arab Health.

Established in 2005, Healthcare Logistics is a Malta-based company that specialises in a combination of healthcare and IT services, particularly targeting healthcare organisations and organisations geared for active ageing. Clinitouch is a remote patient monitoring platform by UK-healthcare company Spirit Health.

Through the partnership, Clinitouch seeks to take the previous experience it had working with the UK’s NHS for various years and apply the learnings to the Maltese populations’ needs. By adding the remote patient monitoring platform to its service offering, Healthcare Logistics aims to improve patient care by freeing up hospital capacity, optimise healthcare resources to reduce costs and improve patient care.

“We believe that by adding Clinitouch to our comprehensive range of services, we can help reduce bed-blocking, focus on patients who need care the most, and decrease healthcare related costs,” Mr Gerada explained.

He added that Healthcare Logistics is “excited to build” on the new partnership to “improve healthcare in Malta through remote patient monitoring technology”.

Clinitouch Commercial Director Bruce Adams remarked that there was a “real synergy in vision and values” between the two entities ever since the start of their conversations at Arab Health.

“With their fantastic knowledge of the healthcare sector in Malta, and their vast experience of bringing innovative solutions to the country, I’m sure this new partnership will deliver brilliants clinical and patient outcomes for the Maltese population,” he explained.

Through this collaboration, Clinitouch stated that the two organisations will work towards their aim to “improve patient care, helping them to live the best life possible”.

Clinitouch’s technology allows for the monitoring of people’s health from different locations, helping to provide “better care outside of hospitals and clinics”, while also freeing up critical healthcare resources. The technology is now being expanded into a number of new territories worldwide through a global partnership programme backed by the UK’s Department for Business and Trade with the aim to improve patient care worldwide.

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