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Co-Founder Danica Fava has described her journey at Outdoor Living Malta as “nothing short of a rollercoaster,” as she celebrates 20 years since she co-founded the teambuilding company with Mark Vella.

Launched in 2004, Outdoor Living is a Malta-based company specialising in teambuilding activities for incentives, conferences and corporate events. On Friday (today), the company marked the 20th anniversary since its establishment.

Ms Fava, who had co-founded Outdoor Living when she was only 19, fresh out of her post-secondary studies and filled with ambitious dreams, opted to take on this entrepreneurial journey back in 2004.

Commenting on her journey as she celebrated this milestone, Ms Fava said: “What began as a quest to earn enough money to enjoy life and be able to go on holiday has transformed into a lifetime passion!”

“This journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster,” she continued, adding that it has been a “whirlwind” of an adventure.

She remarked that she been fortunate to have “phenomenal colleagues and clients from day one,” who not only contributed to the company’s performance, but also “brought to life the essence of teamwork and fun.” Ms Fava said that this ultimately ignited her “passion for teambuilding.”

As she looked back, Ms Fava pointed towards five pivotal lessons she has learnt over the ups and downs of her journey.

First of all, she noted that “passion fuels purpose,” as the drive and determination that result from being passionate about something are “irreplaceable.” “It’s what sets us apart and propels us forward,” she affirmed.

“Panic is not an option. In the face of the unexpected, maintaining composure and adaptability without losing sight of our goals is crucial,” Ms Fava added.

She also highlighted that it is integral for business leaders to recognise the “power of continuous learning,” as always seeking to improve not only enhances efficiency, but also empowers them to better serve their clients.

Additionally, one also needs to “lead with integrity.” “It’s the cornerstone of every decision and action, ensuring we stay true to our values and principles,” Ms Fava said.

Last but not least, she emphasised that “teamwork turns visions into realities.” Ms Fava has spent the last 12 years living in the UK, leaving the day-to-day activities of the business in the hands of the team based in Malta.

“Our success today could not have been realised without the power of teamwork. At the heart of a successful team is trust. Without it, building a resilient team capable of achieving collective goals is impossible,” she explained.

Ms Fava said that after 20 years, she is “still on a learning curve” and finds herself far from having answers to all of her questions. However, she is driven by the belief that “with the right mindset, anything is achievable.”

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Outdoor Living Malta Co-Founder Danica Fava

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