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Corinne Zammit on Monday highlighted how companies need to offer benefits to candidates that live far away from the office, even if Malta is relatively small in size when compared to other countries.

Speaking about a recent interview she had with a candidate, the Konnekt Assistant Team Coordinator – Generalist remarked that they would have been “excellent” for a vacancy that she was trying to fill for a client.

“The candidate ticked all the boxes and the client would have loved her; however, the major caveat was the job location, as the candidate lived in the north of Malta, and the role was based in the south,” she said.

While Ms Zammit said the candidate would have considered the opportunity if the company had offered any benefits for people like her that lived far away from the office, the company offered none, and so “the candidate decided not to pursue the opportunity”.

“Malta is a small country, with an area of 95 square miles. However, the location for one’s employment is still extremely important as it adds a lot to one’s job satisfaction,” she explained. She remarked that companies that are based in either the north or south of the country can “widen their talent pool by offering the right benefits”.

“For example, this could include hybrid, flexibility, transportation, remote work, company car, or a fuel allowance. Some companies also opt for internal ridesharing and carpooling services which are great for the team and the environment,” she concluded.

Ms Zammit has worked at Konnekt for two-and-a-half years, first joining as a Recruitment Specialist, before she was named in her current position. Prior to that she worked in various roles at a number of companies, including The Entertainer and Studioseven, among others.

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Corinne Zammit / LinkedIn


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