Marking the one-month anniversary since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Switch CEO Richard Muscat Azzopardi appealed to readers to refrain from becoming desensitised to the injustices Ukrainian citizens are suffering.

“It’s been a month. A month since we woke up and read the news that the world as we know it is changing forever. Yet, we go about our days as if nothing’s happening, as if there isn’t a country of about 50 million people being invaded. As if there hasn’t been a number of cities that have been bombed constantly for the last month. As if we’re not seeing the horror of this senseless and cruel invasion,” Mr Muscat Azzopardi began.

Richard Muscat Azzopardi
Richard Muscat Azzopardi

“Don’t let this war become normal. Don’t let this war fade away. Don’t let the people of Ukraine become just another footnote in your week,” he added.

Switch, a creative marketing agency, has been noticeably vocal about the Ukrainian crisis. Shortly after the war’s commencement, the agency announced that each of its members will be donating ‘an hour a day of expertise’ to humanitarian causes.

“We should still be outraged. We should still be helping. Because, as long as there’s a war raging, we should all be shocked. We should all stare in disbelief that this is happening. We should all condemn the cruel dictator that’s living in a fantasy of an era that does not exist. He’s a liar and a bully who’s using his lies to justify murder,” Mr Muscat Azzopardi noted.

“We should never look away from the horror, because there are people who can’t detach themselves from the horror. We should all stand with Ukraine,” he concluded.

Apart from offering its services for free, Switch has also been providing its followers with factual information regarding the war as well as resources to better inform them of how they can help with the Ukrainian crisis.

Latest numbers suggest that at least 20,000 individuals have been killed and 10 million have been displaced as a result of this war. Ukraine has also suffered around $119 billion in property damage since the start of the invasion.



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