Clothing holds power on both a personal and professional level, as it serves as a reflection of the identity of the individual, even if done unconsciously.

Indeed, Michael W. Kraus, an assistant professor of organisational behaviour at the Yale School of Management, in 2014 co-authored a study for the Journal of Experimental Pshychology in 2014, which showed that wearers of clothes with high social status can bolster dominance and job performance in “high-stakes” competitive tasks.

Overall, a good outfit can give the person wearing it a good confidence boost, so it is only natural that following trends helps people with their confidence. Every year businesses thrive by introducing new popular trends, making each season more enticing to their consumers. This autumn, is no exception.  

And, while Malta is yearning for the autumn/mild winter season to set in, spoke directly to Bortex and Dan John Malta asking about the latest trends for office wear, ranging from popular colour palettes to fabrics and materials and fashion accessories for the upcoming season. The retailers were also asked about changes in styles when compared to last autumn and what trends are expected to emerge in the coming winter.

Who are Bortex and Dan Jon?

Bortex was established almost 60 years ago by Sunny Borg as a manufacturer of quality men’s tailoring.

For many years, Bortex catered solely for men’s formal wear, however in time the retailer started including casual wear, ladies wear and children’s clothing from a range of international brands. Now the company is under the administration of the third generation of the family.

Today, the company has under its name Gant, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Lacost, Gagliardi, Betty & Co, Hackett London, Pepe Jeans London and Fynch-Hatton.

On the other hand, Dan Jon is relatively new to the fashion industry in Malta and caters exclusively for menswear. The brand aims to blend Italian tradition with contemporary flair and offers a versatile product range, from casual to sophisticated.

Dan Jon tells that after witnessing the brand’s expansion across Italy, Future Fashion Malta Ltd were compelled to introduce it locally. “The decision was further validated when Dan John was recognised by the Financial Times as the fastest-growing retail brand in Europe,” says Brian Magri, Director at Future Fashion Malta Ltd.

Photo source: Dan Jon

Rich reds and earthy tones climb their way up to the top trends for office clothing

Bortex explains that the key fashion trends for autumn are layering, earthy tones, textured fabrics and tailored silhouettes.

When it comes to popular colour palettes, Bortex explained that autumn typically sees a shift towards warmer and earthy colour such as rust, olive green, mustard and deep browns.

In addition, rich reds and burgundies are a hit since these colours “often evoke a sense of warmth and are commonly associated with the autumn season.” On the other hand, the neutral tones caramel and beige are said to be used to complement the autumn aesthetic “and are versatile for office wear.”

While Dan John also sees popularity among items of clothing with these colours, it notes bright blue as a trendy colour for suits and blazers, describing it as “a modernisation and elevation of old school elegance.”

Photo source: Bortex

Velvet, wool and leather amongst the most popular fabrics this autumn

When it comes to fabrics, the trendiest materials that are most enjoyed by both brands’ customers are wool, cashmere and leather. Bortex explains that leather jackets and accessories often become more popular as temperatures drop. On the other hand, the “luxurious fabric, velvet,” is said to add a touch of elegance particularly in dresses and blazers. “This is very much used in evening wear for menswear.”

Asked whether Bortex and Dan John noticed any changes in clothing styles, compared to the previous autumn seasons, Bortex states that fashion is cyclical. “So, you may see reinterpretations of classic styles with modern twists.”

In agreement, Dan John also notes that for this autumn season Dan John has reinterpreted the trend of mixing and matching new and fashionable colours with classical elements. “So, we included strong chromatic elements, styled in elegant ensembles.”

At the same time, Dan John remarks that this year, the brand has focused on having a more “relaxed” fits for blazers, suits and pants “to make the collection more comfortable.”

On the other hand, Bortex says that because of the increased awareness on sustainability and eco-friendly fashion, the use of recycled materials is highly popular.

Photo source: Bortex

‘Having a last year outfit, with new accessories can totally change the look and feel’

And finally, askes the two brands what they are foreseeing for the next season’s top trendy accessories. Bortex lists statement scarves, gloves and hats as practical accessories that apart from keeping the body warm, can easily elevate a winter outfit.

On the other hand, it lists ankle boots as a practical shoe for winter weather which can be versatile for office wear. 

Bortex also adds that it is foreseeing a trend in the buying of hankies and ties. “They elevate an outfit. Having a last year outfit, with new accessories can totally change the look and feel.”

Meanwhile, Dan John describes suede accessories as a must, along with “the popular flannel backpacks with leatherette details.”

What are people wearing overseas?

There’s no denying that Vogue knows all about the latest trends, often it does not predict, it dictates what is and who is ‘in fashion’. As per its yearly tradition, Vogue too did list many autumn trends for fashion-enthusiasts.

The list of clothing items, tall boots and chunky earrings is seemingly neverending. However, on top of the list, were sleeveless vests or, as Vogue cheekily puts it, ‘in(vest)ments’. In addition to the layer underneath, Vogue states that self-tie bow blouses are also the hottest trend to tie-in the full outfit.

Second in line are A-line pleated skirts. Whether they are midi, structured or short skirts, they were given the stamp of approval by Vogue.

Furthermore, even though jeans were created for comfort and casual wear, it seems like the office wear is moving into the smart-casual department with jeans being a popular alternative to formal pants.

The Chanel Mary-Jane flats

In terms of footwear, pointed shoes are the go-to whether they are in the shape of long or ankle boots, or everyday kitten heels.

Luckily for heel-haters, flats are making a huge comeback, especially with the latest collaboration between Sofia-Richie and Chanel, where the two fashion powers have convinced millennials and Gen-z to bring back the Chanel-style Mary Jane flats.


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