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Kralanx Cyber Security Malta Founder and CEO Jean-Michel Azzopardi on Friday shared that it is vital for individuals to focus less on the past and instead prepare themselves for the future and the opportunities it brings.

To best explain this, he attached a diagram by Penguin Random House Consultant, Author, and Speaker Liz Fosslien, which highlights how one can change various things in the future, yet none from the past.

“Releasing the past means freeing ourselves from its grip, opening up mental and emotional space to embrace the present and shape a brighter future,” Mr Azzopardi said.

In order to look forward towards the future, one has to set up clear objectives, envision dreams, and also take focused actions.

“This is vital, as dwelling on the past stalls growth and misses opportunities,” he explained, before adding that anticipating what’s ahead “empowers us to craft a purposeful life”.

“Living in the present links both, allowing us to relish the moment while laying the foundation for a brilliant future,” Mr Azzopardi continued.

He then proceeded to list four practical tips for individuals to “let go, focus forward, and live in the now”.

Firstly, he pointed out that it is important to acknowledge mistakes, lessons, or missed opportunities from the past, and to then “learn and grow” from them.

He also remarked that one has to set achievable short-term goals, dividing big dreams and projects into more doable tasks, thus helping keep oneself motivated.

Mr Azzopardi added that creating a vision board is also vital, as this makes goals “visual for future inspiration”.

Lastly, he noted that one has to “cultivate gratitude”, doing so by regularly appreciating positives and expressing thanks for others’ actions.

Mr Azzopardi is a tech and business professional with a background in blockchain and start-ups. He is the Founder and CEO of Kralanx Cyber Security Malta, a company that started in 2018 with the aim to provide clients with a private blockchain platform based off ERC-20, the implemented standard for fungible tokens created through the Ethereum blockchain. He is a Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA) Blockchain Solution Architect, and holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Information Technology and Networking from Middlesex University.

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Kralanx Founder and CEO Jean-Michel Azzopardi / LinkedIn


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