COVID-19 and its aftermath changed the way business is conducted today. The shift towards employee well-being and the work-life balance is no longer an option, but rather, a necessity.

Companies that are unable to cater for their employees before their profits are bound to struggle, not only because happy employees are deemed to yield better results, but also in order to expand their workforce.

The iGaming industry is notorious for its high employee-turnover rates. At larger companies there’s farewell parties each Friday. This, despite fancy swings and free drinks. Employees have started to value reliability, clear goals and flexibility over benefits which can be reduced to shiny fluff.

Malin Holmquist

At Kanon Gaming, we have therefore decided to put our employees well-being and mental health before our bottom line. Each one of our employees are given a personalised growth-plan. This plan encompasses not only work, but rather the growth of an individual person. Should a developer feel like they want to know more about content writing, they will be given the opportunity to develop their writing-skills. Should a graphic designer want to learn more about frontend development, they will be given a mentor which will assist them in creating landing pages and UI/UX changes.

With the outlook that no one is hired to remain in their own role until kingdom come, but that happiness comes from feeling fulfilled. Now, each person has their own definition of what keeps them fulfilled, therefore we do not have a general model of one size fits all, but rather do a personal assessment and follow up on this assessment on regular intervals. If one person wants bi-weekly talks, another one might want bi-monthly ones. It might fit one person to complete smaller courses, and another one might want to learn while doing, with the assistance of a peer. We cater for all personalities and do our utmost to encourage our staff to dream big and make the plans to reach these dreams.

We try to keep our hiring process as seamless as possible, without multiple interviews and assessment tests. As the company is relatively small in size, and we all work as a team when it comes to releasing new projects, it is more important that the attitude and the willingness to grow is aligned with the company values. A recipe for success as to how to get hired at Kanon Gaming is to do your research of the company prior to the interview. As our flagship brand Casino Epic is Swedish, many get despondent as they are not able to read the text of the website – that is if they manage to search for the website at all. To show engagement and act as if you already have the role is crucial in order to get the chance to come work with us at Kanon Gaming.

When submitting your CV, be it on our website, LinkedIn or via sending a direct email to me on – align your CV with the job description which has been published. Use the relevant keywords, and ensure it is up to date, with your correct contact details on it. After being invited to an interview, make sure you are on time and dressed appropriately. In the interview, show engagement by asking questions showing that you have done your research – ask questions along the lines of where the company is going to be in the next two to five years; what does a normal day look like to the position, and wrap it up with how you will be able to make that happen.

We are always looking for new talent, and I can assure you that the effort you are giving us, you will reap back exponentially!



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