Foundation for Educational Services (FES) CEO Michael Bondin has stated that a new project, featuring extracurricular drama sessions within the Klabb 3-16 service, will serve as a step in the right direction towards having youths who are knowledgeable both academically and culturally.

He spoke as HSBC Malta announced that it will be supporting the project, operated by FES. The initiative aims to empower children with the skills of self-esteem, confidence, and creativity, and consists of drama sessions delivered by Centrestage Malta.

Last month, the Żabbar A Klabb 3-16 centre celebrated the end of the drama sessions with a fun-filled presentation performed in front of parents and relatives, and in the company of Minister for Education Clifton Grima, HSBC Malta Executive Director and Head of Business Development Michel Cordina, as well as Mr Bondin.

These enriching cultural and educational experiences were successfully implemented also in the Klabb 3-16 centres of Qormi San Bastjan, Luqa, Żurrieq, and Fgura. The programme spanned over 10 sessions in each centre and reached a total of 120 children. Feedback from parents was very positive, with remarks that the children benefitted greatly as they found themselves “immersed in the vibrant world of creativity and expression” through the drama sessions.

FES CEO Michael Bondin / Facebook
FES CEO Michael Bondin / Facebook

“This initiative provides a practical and enriching platform for our children, ensuring they have access to diverse educational experiences,” Mr Bondin remarked.

He added that it acts as a “constructive step towards a future where our youth are well-rounded, both academically and culturally.”

The collaboration between HSBC Malta and FES seeks to address the prevalent issue of limited cultural capital among children, attributed to restricted time for extracurricular activities due to their parents’ late work hours. The programme was crafted in a way to not only entertain, but also instil vital skills such as focus, respect for others, and the ability to engage in a non-digital entertainment medium, thus enhancing their emotional and social development.

HSBC Malta stated that this initiative aligns with its goal to “catalyse positive societal change” through educational endeavours.

Mr Cordina said: “At HSBC, we believe in the boundless potential that lies within our children.”

“This initiative is a testament to our commitment to unlocking opportunities for them, ensuring they are equipped with a holistic education that transcends traditional boundaries and empowers them to navigate the future with confidence and competence,” he affirmed.

Minister Grima commented that the support from HSBC Malta Foundation fulfils the corporate social responsibility of the bank, “in the light of the societal responsibility towards the education of the children.” He said that this is in addition to other initiatives such as the Prince’s Trust International Achieve Programme.

In a world where the arts are increasingly pivotal, this initiative serves as a step towards embedding cultural literacy within future generations, ensuring their journey through life is “enriched with cultural understanding and emotional intelligence,” HSBC Malta highlighted.

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Children and staff at the Żabbar A Klabb 3-16 centre in the company of Minister for Education Clifton Grima, HSBC Malta Executive Director and Head of Business Development Michel Cordina, and FES CEO Michael Bondin


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