The Malta Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) has launched a new Professional Membership Scheme which will allow human resources (HR) professionals to get recognised by FHRD for their level of HR competence.

This falls in line with FHRD’s mission to set national standards in the development of HR in Malta.

FHRD was set up in 1990 “to spearhead” the evolution of people management and development practices as well as the HR profession in Malta.

The foundation is an autonomous, private, independent body. It works in partnership with its corporate members, the professional conglomerate of HR practitioners and service providers, leaders of the industry, and other key local players in the field of huma resources management and development.

The scheme was unveiled by FHRD President Matthew Naudi and FHRD CEO Karen Muscat Baldacchino during a press conference held on Wednesday (yesterday) at the Palace Hotel, in Sliema.

FHRD explained that while there are no changes to the corporate membership scheme currently in place, the Professional Membership Scheme is a comprehensive revamp of the individual membership scheme that was in place until 31st December 2023.

The key features of the new scheme include a website specifically tailored to serve as a comprehensive platform for all HR stakeholders.

Additionally, it will include exclusive access to industry insights. This means that members will gain privileged access to cutting-edge research and articles by experts in the field, providing them with a competitive edge in their professional endeavours.

It will also offer tailored professional development opportunities through a range of workshops, seminars, and training sessions conducted by industry experts to enhance members’ skills and knowledge.

Members will also have the opportunity to connect with professionals, industry leaders, and experts through exclusive networking events, with the aim of fostering collaboration and partnerships.

Mr Naudi said that FHRD “is deeply committed to championing the growth and success of professionals in the field of HR.”

“Our newly introduced Professional Membership Scheme stands as a testament to this dedication, offering a solid framework of valuable resources and opportunities for our vibrant community,” he added.

On the other hand, Ms Muscat Baldacchino highlighted the “ongoing efforts” of the foundation to foster a workplace culture that values and empowers every individual in the industry.

For further information about the scheme, click here.


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