Finding the right business coach to work with is no easy feat, despite the vast options available on the market. A business leader needs to do their research and find the right person which suits their approach.

Luke Todd, CEO at MadeYou Ltd CEO aimed to tackle this issue on Monday, comparing the mission of finding the right business coach to selecting a gym personal trainer.

Mr Todd co-founded MadeYou, a leadership training and development company, eight years ago and has served as CEO since 2018. The company seeks to help organisations empower their people to succeed in their personal development journey and strengthen their business.

On LinkedIn, he listed that the best trainers are in good shape and therefore have real-life experience to help their clients achieve their goals.

“They put in the effort as they have studied and gained qualifications to help others. They also listen and adapt while simultaneously understanding how to adjust their coaching style to the individual to get the best results,” he added.

Mr Todd explained that the right business coaches are focused on the business withholding any personal agenda while also focusing on helping the business and/or the person become the better version of themselves.

Having the right connection also ticks the box for the CEO as he highlights feeling a connection, building trust and feeling safe as the qualities of a good coach.

Additionally, a good measure of success is proof of results gained with other clients.

Adding more to his insights, Mr Todd said that in recent years, the number of business coaches has increased, and the role has compelled people to start offering such services.

Ultimately, he concludes that, this analogy along with having extensive business backgrounds, are the factors that should be considered when one is on the lookout for the a business coach that fits their needs.


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