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WEAVE Consulting Managing Director (MD) Roberta Lepre has stated that the free Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advisory services, held in collaboration with Malta Chamber of SMEs, will help SMEs identify “key areas of improvement” within their business.

This comes after Malta Chamber of SMEs on Wednesday launched free advisory services on ESG-related initiatives, aimed at assisting SMEs in the transition towards ESG goals.

The service will consist of awareness raising on the topic, events, and also one-to-one dedicated meetings for those wishing to start working on the area or do more.

Although a number of businesses are interested in transitioning, smaller businesses might not always have the internal resources and knowledge to do it on their own. Malta Chamber of SMEs stated that the free ESG advisory services will contribute towards assisting these businesses when it comes to “resources and expertise”.

Malta Chamber of SMEs
Malta Chamber of SMEs President Paul Abela (left), CEO Abigail Agius Mamo (middle) and WEAVE Consulting MD Roberta Lepre (right) during the launch / Malta Chamber of SMEs

The advisory meetings will be held together with WEAVE Consulting, a certified ESG expert that is able to provide recommendations and bespoke guidance to businesses.

During the launch of the new service, Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli noted that this initiative “confirms that all stakeholders are recognising the importance of their role in our country’s ecological and digital transition, for a more sustainable future”.

“Through this service, along with the support being provided by Government, enterprises have the necessary tools to continue working for continued prosperity and for more sustainable investments in our country,” she added.

Malta Chamber of SMEs CEO Abigail Agius Mamo said that the launch is a “clear commitment” by the SME Chamber to assist SMEs in transitioning towards a “more sustainable business model”.

“We are proud to add ESG advisory to the list of free advisory services to members, a topic which goes hand in hand with our core principles and values as an organisation,” she continued.

Malta Chamber of SMEs
The launch of the free ESG advisory services / Malta Chamber of SMEs

The European Commission has called for a just transition where nobody is left behind, and Malta Chamber of SMEs is “doing its part to contribute” to this ambitious target.

“The SME Chamber is proud to partner with WEAVE Consulting, an established company which has been offering these services for over five years with a proven track record,” Ms Agius Mamo added.

Dr Lepre said that this service will make it “easier” for SMEs “to look into business opportunities available to them and identify key areas of improvement within their business”.

This will not only lead to a “more sustainable business model”, but will also make them “more resilient to adapt to future regulatory requirements”.

Kurt Farrugia, CEO of Malta Enterprise, welcomed this initiative, adding that it “complements” the recently announced ESG Grant scheme by Malta Enterprise. He said that it will “instigate more environmental consciousness among businesses while improving management structures and help create more inclusive workplaces”.

He added that through such initiatives, Malta Enterprise is pushing for the “mainstreaming of ESG reporting”.

“Additionally, Malta Enterprise may also help on tangible projects which improve a stronger environmental performance by industries, including the Smart and Sustainable Investment scheme which can assist with up to €100,000 per such projects and the Investment Aid for Energy Efficiency Projects,” he continued.

Businesses wishing to make use of the free ESG advisory service are encouraged to get in touch with the Malta Chamber of SMEs by sending an email to or by calling +356 21232881 for further information.

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WEAVE Consulting MD Roberta Lepre / LinkedIn


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