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A full-time job often means there is not much time left in the day. This is is especially the case for business leaders, who are often consumed with work far beyond regular working hours.

While being career driven is admirable, it is important to not abandon your fitness when working. It can be hard to keep your body active when a large portion of the day is spent in front of a desk or going into meetings, yet finding some time to move around can go a long way in helping you de-stress, take your mind off work, and be healthier, both physically and mentally.

Mariella Baldacchino, Founder of law firm Empleo, on Thursday highlighted this challenge of balancing work with fitness, after coming across an article that shed light on the need to get regular exercise in order to boost work performance.

Mariella Baldacchino / LinkedIn
Empleo Founder Mariella Baldacchino / LinkedIn

“After a long and exhausting day at work indulging in some relaxation on the sofa is tempting, but I stumbled upon this article and with newfound inspiration, I will prioritise exercise over a sedentary evening,” she said.

As a result, she went ahead and suggested four ways of incorporating exercise into a work routine, establishing a clear balance between the two.

Firstly, she pointed out that it is important to take active breaks. “Instead of scrolling through social media during your breaks, go for a brisk walk or stretch your muscles. Even a few minutes of movement can make a difference,” she explained.

Dr Baldacchino then remarked that a proper workout routine needs to be established, where “specific time slots” are dedicated to exercise, whether before work, during lunch breaks, or after office hours, as “consistency is key”.

Furthermore, she pointed out that there is also the possibility of introducing desk exercises and stretching. “Incorporate simple exercises like squats, lunges, or shoulder rolls into your daily routine. They can be done discreetly and offer a quick energy boost,” she said.

Lastly, Dr Baldacchino added that fitness apps and activity trackers can also be effective means of establishing a healthier lifestyle. “Leverage the power of technology by using fitness apps or activity trackers to set goals, track progress, and stay motivated,” she explained.

“The positive impact of exercise extends beyond individual employees, as it also creates a ripple effect that benefits both employees and employers,” she concluded.

E&S Group Director Deborah Vella was in agreement with Dr Baldacchino, saying: “Those extra minutes can stimulate your brain cells to generate a more positive, vibrant and more than anything, a healthy body that leads to a healthy mindset.”

Dr Baldacchino has more than 15 years of experiences within the legal sector, having led the legal departments of a number of corporate services firms handling commercial law, corporate law and tax law matters. In 2022, she established Empleo, a legal practice that is focused on workplace law matters. She holds a Doctor of Laws from University of Malta and a master’s degree in European Private Law from La Sapienza, University of Rome.


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