David Flynn

David Flynn, Non-Executive Director (NED) at Malta-based Glitnor Group, is currently taking on the challenge of cycling from Stockholm, Sweden to Valletta, Malta, in order to support three mental health charities.

He aims to complete the journey, which is set to involve approximately 4,175 kilometres, over 34 days, including three rest days.

Taking to social media on Wednesday, Mr Flynn noted that people push themselves, sometimes to the limit, for various reasons, including “money, fame, prestige, pride, or perhaps power”. He noted that everyone, including himself, can associate with at least one of these reasons.

Initially, he had thought that the whole cycling trip would be “relatively straightforward”, having cycled since he was 16. “I don’t know who I would be without my bike,” Mr Flynn added.

He remarked that he set out on the journey “with the idea of achievement”, as he had always wanted to complete a long trip by bicycle. “This leads to satisfaction of planning and completing such a trip,” he continued.

Mr Flynn shared a photo from the 12th day of his trip, when he was cycling in Germany from Plauen to Nabburg, adding that as he experienced during that day, there will be times which will prove to be hard, and “there will be even harder days to come”.

David Flynn / LinkedIn
The photo David Flynn shared on the 12th day of his journey / LinkedIn

“However, as much as I may not say it at the time, I enjoy it,” he said.

Mr Flynn is taking on the challenge with the aim of raising money for Malta’s The Richmond Foundation, Sweden’s Mind.se, and the UK’s Mind.org.uk, three mental health charities from three countries which he “calls home”. “Each country has its own charms but all three have one (maybe more) similar issues, mental health,” he explained.

He said that by supporting these charities along the way, he is provided with a “huge sense of purpose”. “To do good, at my cost and my family’s cost, who have supported me through this and continue do so, I’m lucky,” Mr Flynn emphasised.

“So, in summary, I’m happy. For me, happiness is born from a life with enjoyment, satisfaction, and purpose,” he continued.

Turning to what he will do when he arrives in Malta, he said: “Who knows, but to have this time is a blessing, and no matter where you’re from or what you’re doing, make sure to find your happiness formula and perhaps this can the start of a whole new you.”

At the time of writing, Mr Flynn has raised £11,877 (€13,862), edging closer to the £15,000 (€17,507) target that he set. In his latest update, posted on Saturday, he shared that he made it to Austria, with him set to take on Switzerland and then Italy.

Mr Flynn is a senior executive with over 20 years of management experience in iGaming. He has served as Non-Executive Director at Glitnor Group for the past eight months, having previously been the iGaming firm’s CEO for three years, up until he vacated the role at the start of 2023. He is also Investor and Board Advisor Pay4Fun and Investor at Memory Lane Games.


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