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Jonathan Shaw, CEO of Retail Marketing Ltd, the company behind the Welbee’s supermarket brand, on Wednesday (today) stated that while strategies and plans are integral to business, everything ultimately depends on effective execution.

His reflections came after the annual Welbee’s Summit at the Marriott Hotel was held last week, with Mr Shaw deeming it a “significant success.” During the meeting, shareholders, Directors, Consultants, third-party company Partners, Head of Departments, and leaders from different departments and supermarkets, totalling over 60 individuals, gathered for a morning of insights and sharing of information “with the aim to align for the year ahead.”

Mr Shaw remarked that he is full of “immense satisfaction and pride” to see the transformation that the company has undergone and achieved on multiple levels, “as individuals, teams, and finally, as an organisation.”

As CEO, his primary objective for the summit was to “highlight and deliver” the importance of putting plans into action “with the right execution.”

“Great strategies and plans are important, but it all eventually converges to execution,” Mr Shaw stressed.

“We can have great strategies, ideas, and plans, but unless we execute effectively, this is all useless,” he explained.

The summit included reflections about Welbee’s achievements in 2023 as well as discussions about the brand’s plans for 2024. “Engaging conversations with the various Head of Departments provided a run-through of what’s in store and where we want to be,” Mr Shaw highlighted.

The event closed with a panel discussion featuring Deloitte Malta stalwart Raphael Aloisio, BITS Ltd Managing Director Ivan Bartolo, and BRND WGN Founder and CEO Peter-Jan Grech, who all provided insights into the company’s journey, but also for “seizing opportunities, both as individuals and collectively as a company.”

Welbee's Summit / LinkedIn
From left: Retail Marketing Ltd CEO Jonathan Shaw, BRND WGN Founder and CEO Peter-Jan Grech, BITS Ltd Managing Director Ivan Bartolo, and former Deloitte Director Raphael Aloisio / LinkedIn

Mr Shaw has been CEO at Retail Marketing Ltd for close to two years, having previously served as the retail company’s Executive Chairman. The company owns and operates the Welbee’s supermarket chain, which is comprised of what were previously Park Towers, Valyou, Tower, and Trolees supermarkets.

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Retail Marketing Ltd CEO Jonathan Shaw during the summit / LinkedIn


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