Theodoros Papadopoulos

Theodoros Papadopoulos, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Bank of Valletta plc (BOV), has revealed that he has been battling with cancer in recent months, and is now on the path to recovery.

In a long LinkedIn post on Thursday, the experienced C-suite executive said that his diagnosis was the primary reason as to why he wasn’t as active on the social media platform over the past few months, as he has been reflecting deeply on his personal experiences.

“In the heart of every storm, there’s a silence that speaks volumes,” he acknowledged.

“The words ‘I have cancer’ didn’t just echo through my world; they shattered it. Yet, within this upheaval, just moments before another birthday in November, I discovered an unlikely gift wrapped in the harshness of reality. Facing vulnerability, a facet of our existence we often shy away from, became my unexpected turning point,” Mr Papadopoulos said.

While he said that the journey through cancer proved to be “undeniably daunting, marked by moments of profound fear and uncertainty,” it also allowed him to discover the strength and resilience within him. It also enabled him to look at life in a way that is clearer and more precious to him.

Mr Papadopoulos added that as he faced adversity, he discovered that what he had previously valued and pursued may have been misplaced, as the fast pace of life ends up overshadowing the true treasures of our daily lives, including family and genuine connections.

“My story is not about triumph over disease but about embracing vulnerability and the collective strength that emerges from it. My family and friends have been my fortress offering unwavering support and love. My colleagues and my amazing team have supported me to the fullest. Their presence and encouragement have been my guiding light through the darkest hours, reminding me that no one fights alone,” he affirmed.

He said that this journey taught him about the importance of listening to one’s body, and in his case, he was luckily diagnosed at an early stage, thus allowing him to receive the necessary treatment to forge a path towards recovery. “Now, I find joy in the simplicity of life, embracing each day with a renewed sense of gratitude and purpose,” Mr Papadopoulos continued.

Mr Papadopoulos remarked that he is sharing his story not to receive sympathy, but to encourage others to be open and compassionate, as one can never know the battles that others are going through behind their façades.

Theodoros Papadopoulos / LinkedIn
CDO Theodoros Papadopoulos during the small celebration that his team at BOV held for him / LinkedIn

“Here’s to embracing life with a new mindset, to the beauty of new beginnings, and to the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. Cheers to living fully, cherishing the present, and welcoming the future with open arms,” he added.

His post was also accompanied by an image of him during a small celebration that his team at BOV organised for him.

Mr Papadopoulos has worked at BOV for more than two years, having joined back in September 2021. He is vastly experienced in user experience-related roles and strategic partnership positions, having worked in industries ranging from banking to travel. He holds a master’s degree in Digital Communication and Media and Multimedia from Stockholm University and a Diploma of Education in Life Coaching from National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, among others.

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BOV CDO Theodoros Papadopoulos / LinkedIn


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