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Life as a business leader is hectic and challenging, and as a result, the ideal leader requires a number of notable traits like adaptability and conscientiousness.

However, it is often the case that a person might specialise in and be comfortable doing a certain thing, yet distinctly lack expertise or feel uneasy in another. What happens when that area one falls short in is a factor in becoming a better business leader?

Failing to come out of one’s comfort zone can lead to various challenges, and can prompt business leaders to feel unsure in their thinking, fearful of change, and also be unwilling to make the most of opportunities.

Business leaders have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Alex Falzon / LinkedIn
Alex Falzon / LinkedIn

Sales and Leadership Trainer and Coach Alex Falzon on Tuesday tackled this, identifying three key tips business leaders need to take note of in order to step out of their comfort zone once and for all.

Firstly, he highlighted that preparation is key, as doing so diligently will help boost confidence. “Dive deep into research and dedicate time to practice for the upcoming situation,” he added.

Mr Falzon also remarked that business leaders have to find the time to progress through “step-by-step growth”. He said: “Begin with small strides and steadily stretch your limits. Take gradual steps outside your comfort zone, allowing it to expand naturally over time.”

Lastly, he acknowledged that a “shift in perspective” can allow a fear that one may have to become a “thrill” and something worth getting excited for. “Instead of perceiving fear as negative, harness its energy to fuel positive enthusiasm and drive,” he concluded.

Mr Falzon has worked as a Sales and Leadership Trainer and Coach for the past three and a half years, with the aim of helping people “unlock their potential”. Prior to that, he had experiences as Sales Manager and Account Manager at Vodafone Business, Allied Newspapers Ltd, and Gutenberg Press Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Business and Managerial Economics from University of Malta.


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