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Ensuring effective communication is present at a workplace is a vital part of running a business, as business leaders must make sure that messages are being delivered and received as intended.

With the rapid development of technology, together with shifts towards remote and hybrid working arrangements, good communication has arguably never been as important as it is today. When there is a screen blocking any form of non-verbal communication like facial expressions and gestures, getting the message across can be especially difficult.

Daniel Gatt, Excellence Coach and Consultant at SPEAK Performance, emphasised the role effective communication has at the workplace on Tuesday, comparing it to oil in a machine.

Mr Gatt has over 14 years of leadership experience in finance, corporate, and tech environments, having served as General Manager, Consultant, and Coach at different firms. He has a proven track record in leading and managing teams in complex corporate environments.

He remarked that no matter how perfect a machine may be, its performance is hindered if it does not have the right quality of oil. In the same way, effective communication is the “lubricant that keeps everything running smoothly” in a business, he said.

“Without it, teamwork, innovation and, leadership can grind to a halt. This is where communication preparation, training, and coaching comes into play, connecting all the gears of your business engine together and producing something amazing!” Mr Gatt explained.

As a result, he proceeded to list some effective ways through which business leaders can coach and foster good communication at the workplace.

He first noted that it is crucial for business leaders “understand the basics.” Everyone communicates somewhat differently, and thus it is integral for leaders to know “what communication styles are and how to navigate conflicting ones.”

Mr Gatt also pointed out that one needs to actively listen to others. Communication is built on the idea of listening to “understand,” rather than simply to “respond.”

Tied to the previous point, he also remarked that feedback is essential, yet one must think about how it should be communicated, as it needs to be done in a way which allows for “maximum absorption” from the recipient.

There are also cases where conflict may erupt between one individual and another. In such instances, business leaders need to act as the bigger person and aim for a resolution, “bringing harmony to a tough topic,” Mr Gatt said.

Lastly, he also affirmed that business leaders need to be ready to have difficult conversations with their employees and colleagues. Thus, it is integral for them to have the “right structure to prepare, deliver, and deal with a difficult situation.”

For some more tips on how business leaders can encourage effective communication at the workplace, click here.

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