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Interviews can prove to be very difficult, not only for candidates, but also for employers.

In today’s competitive job market, employers have been encouraged to consider their options well prior to rushing into any decisions over which candidate potentially fits in best.

However, taking too long to assess candidates might come back to bite employers, especially when it comes to providing the necessary feedback on whether they have been chosen for the role or not.

Simon Pace / VacancyCentre
VacancyCentre Senior Recruitment Consultant Simon Pace / VacancyCentre

VacancyCentre Senior Recruitment Consultant Simon Pace on Monday brought this to light, stating that he has noted the “significant impact” that timely feedback can have on the interview process and overall recruitment success from his own first-hand experience.

“Prompt feedback is not just a courteous gesture; it is an essential element in building a positive candidate experience,” he explained.

He recalled how some months ago, he was assisting a client in their search for a senior executive position, and the choice was narrowed down to “two exceptional individuals” who possessed the skills, experience, and drive that “aligned perfectly” with the client’s requirements.

“After the final round of interviews, the candidates eagerly awaited the client’s feedback, however, days turned into weeks, and there was no sign of any response from the client,” Mr Pace added.

He explained that “frustration and uncertainty” began to grow among the candidates, and they eventually grew tired of waiting and accepted offers from other companies. By the time the client provided their feedback, “it was too late”.

Mr Pace said that this not only lost the employers potential candidates, but also “precious time”, as the whole process had to be started all over again.

“When feedback is delayed, candidates are left in limbo, it creates frustration, erodes enthusiasm, and also damages the reputation of the hiring company,” he explained.

On the other hand, he remarked that timely feedback “fosters transparency, builds trust, and shows respect for candidates’ time and effort”. As a result, it helps companies maintain a “positive employer brand” while also enhancing the “efficiency and effectiveness” of the hiring process.

Mr Pace is vastly experienced within the staffing and recruitment industry and has served as Senior Recruitment Consultant at VacancyCentre for four-and-a-half years. His experience also includes more than six years as Senior Consultant at Castille. He has worked with local and international clients, primarily sourcing clients within accounts, payments, finance, IT, operations, digital marketing, and also legal and compliance.


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