In this latest series, first carried on MaltaCEOs 2024 – the annual publication featuring 50 of Malta’s most influential CEOs in wide ranging interviews and much more – we discover what C-suite heavyweights have to say about making and maintaining connections that count.

As CEO and Founder of branding agency BRND WGN, Peter-Jan Grech provides strategic and creative counsel to business leaders wanting to drive change.

“The clichéd notion that networking is about working the room and looking for someone to give you a golden ticket has given networking a bad rap. True networking is about asking questions you care about, really listening and leaning in with empathy, understanding what the person in front of you is passionate about, finding common ground, sparking exciting debate, and exchanging experiences both sides can learn from. Genuine conversations lead to genuine relationships and potential opportunities. Success lies wherever this serendipity leads.

“Genuine conversations lead to genuine relationships and potential opportunities. Success lies wherever this serendipity leads.”

Peter-Jan Grech, CEO and Founder of BRND WGN

“It is critical for leaders to establish or join formal networks, share and listen to diverse views, and nurture their mindset. This allows us to see the world view on our realities, spot trends, anticipate shakers and accelerate movers, and also to cut through propaganda and hear real people speak real truths.

“Pro tip: go to networking events alone, otherwise you’ll never make new connections!”

This feature was first carried on the 2024 edition of the annual print publication MaltaCEOs, the sister brand to, both produced by Content House Group.

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