In this latest piece, first carried on MaltaCEOs 2024 – the annual publication featuring 50 of Malta’s most influential CEOs in wide ranging interviews and much more – we discover what C-suite heavyweights have to say about making and maintaining connections that count.

Former Times of Malta head of news and award-winning journalist Ariadne Massa co-founded Media Insiders as a PR Strategist to offer reputation and crisis management to organisations, as well as bespoke content solutions.

“In the compact landscape of media and PR in Malta, ‘who you know’ takes on a unique dimension. In my own experience, a journalist’s most prized assets are their contact list and the respect they have earned. These relationships were pivotal to my transition to PR after 20 years in journalism, and often stand as a testament to my (and my business partner’s) professionalism, uncovering new opportunities for our company.

“Sometimes connections spring from the most informal situations, such as a wedding or Christmas drinks.”

Ariadne Massa, Award-winning journalist and co-founder of Media Insiders

“While technology has advanced the ways we interact, traditional face-to-face communication remains strong. Sometimes connections spring from the most informal situations, such as a wedding or Christmas drinks. But no matter where you are in the world, who you know, coupled with mutual respect and trust, will certainly give you an edge.

“Reaping the benefits of networking takes time, but it is ultimately rewarding. Just remember to be your authentic self.”

This feature was first carried on the 2024 edition of the annual print publication MaltaCEOs, the sister brand to, both produced by Content House Group.

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