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Seasoned recruiter George Tabone on Thursday emphasised that businesses cannot overlook their human resources (HR) departments, as they are key elements that have a direct impact on an organisation’s overall performance.

Mr Tabone is an experienced recruitment manager, having worked as Client Account Manager at Expedition42 for the past two years. He is a strong HR professional with a Master of Science in HR Management and Training from University of Leicester.

His reflections came as he noticed a concerning trend among businesses he interacted with, as some seem to have a “lack of understanding of the critical role HR plays in today’s businesses.”

Mr Tabone stressed that HR is “far more than just personnel management,” as many often think.

“In today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing world, HR plays a crucial role in shaping company culture, driving employee engagement and retention, fostering diversity and inclusion, and ensuring compliance with evolving labour laws and regulations,” he affirmed.

Aside from this, he said that HR is “at the forefront of talent acquisition and development,” with it directly affecting an organisation’s ability to “innovate and stay competitive in the market.”

With many businesses, across different sectors, struggling to recruit and retain talent due to a tight labour market, characterised by a shortage of skills and rising wage demands, HR is arguably more important than ever.

In fact, recruiters and HR professionals have told over recent weeks that local businesses need to invest more heavily in their HR departments if they want to avoid recruitment challenges. They stated that HR needs to have a “seat at the table” when it comes to certain decision making.

“In essence, HR isn’t just a support function; it’s a strategic business partner that has a direct impact on the bottom line,” Mr Tabone continued.

He concluded by adding that it is “crucial” for businesses to understand and full leverage the role that HR has in today’s dynamic business landscape, especially when it comes to driving “sustainable growth and success.”

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