Juxtapose / Hudson

Hudson Group Chairman and Founder Alfie Borg has unveiled a collection of mixed-media artworks he created at Marie Gallery in Tigné Point, Sliema.

This is the second consecutive year that Mr Borg has exhibited his art.

The collection, named “Juxtapose”, is made up of 17 diverse artworks that feature a number of iconic figures such as Beyonce, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Freddie Mercury, Mickey Mouse, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and many others.

Juxtapose / Hudson
From left: ‘Incorruptible’, ‘Farrokh to Freddy’ and ‘Fusion of Legends: Ronaldo & Messi’ by Alfie Borg / Hudson

The exhibition is running from 29th November up to 6th December (today) and showcases the fusion of various artistic elements.

Mr Borg drew inspiration for the collection from Albert Einstein’s quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, noting that these artworks serve as a “potent expression of human imagination and the essence of the soul”. Each piece recalls captivating stories about aspects of everyday life and explores themes like society, religion, politics, war, and the spirit of humanity.

Juxtapose / Hudson
The Juxtapose collection by Alfie Borg / Hudson

The collection seeks to capture the journeys of individuals who emerged from humble beginnings to achieve greatness through imagination, determination, and self-sacrifice. The mixed-media artworks on wood reflect the vibrant art scenes of New York, Los Angeles, and London. Each artwork in the gallery holds “profound significance” for Mr Borg, encapsulating a unique narrative and reflecting personal stories.

Juxtapose / Hudson
‘Farrokh to Freddy’ by Alfie Borg / Hudson

The funds collected from the art sales will directly support the causes that are key pillars of the Hudson Foundation – children, dogs, and Earth. Funds will go towards the Ukrainian Community in Malta, the Association of Abandoned Animals, and Park tal-Majjistral. During the exhibition, these three entities were represented by individuals who shared how the funds provided by the Hudson Foundation last year were utilised for their good cause.

Hudson stated that each contribution made during the art gallery’s opening period will make a “tangible difference” for these causes, “providing hope, care, and protection to those in need”. These funds will also contribute to making Malta greener.

Featured Image:

Second from left: Hudson Chairman and Founder Alfie Borg during the exhibition / Hudson


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