Karl Diacono

The sounds of waves, the calm breeze, the water glistening from the sunlight.

These are all factors that contribute to a relaxing time out at sea, away from the hectic and intense nature of work life.

Fenlex Group CEO Karl Diacono savours such moments, always finding the time out of his busy schedule to include a sailing trip to unwind.

In the latest instalment of this year’s MaltaCEOs.mt summer interview series, we spoke to Karl about his love for the sea, together with what he enjoys doing the most during Malta’s hotter months.

Karl joined Fenlex Group in 1998 as Director Administration, and ten years later he was named Managing Director. Whether it is a short trip, or else voyaging to other European countries, he enjoys taking some breaks sailing in order to escape his work routine.

Are you a summer person, or do you prefer winter? Why?

I find that all seasons have something great to offer. I love the sea and mountains, sailing and skiing and am able to, work permitting, enjoy these pastimes whenever the season permits.

Are you looking forward to this summer in particular? Why?

I have planned a longish trip this summer sailing for some weeks. Technology today allows me to get out of the office but still be ‘in the office‘.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the summer season? Why?

Sailing and spending time at sea. I have always been one that enjoyed the sea, as a youngster I used to play water polo with Neptunes and later in life I enjoy sailing competitively and cruising.

Do you prefer going out or staying inside during the hotter months?

A mix of both, going out in Malta has become a nightmare with traffic and congestion. When things get overly crowded, I stay home and relax by gardening, cooking and enjoy having the children and grandchildren over.

Will you be going abroad? If yes, where to and why?

We have already sailed with family and friends up to Istria in Croatia. It was an exceptional experience. They can teach us a thing or two when it comes to coastal tourism, cleanliness, and preservation.

What’s your dream summer destination? Why?

I do not really have a dream summer destination. I do though try to visit as many places as I can whilst sailing.

What’s your best holiday experience?

South Africa was probably the best ‘experience’ to date. An amazing country, it’s a pity they have so much political turmoil.

What’s your worst holiday experience?

The return flight from our honeymoon. Our flight from the US was delayed and we missed our connection back to Malta. I had insisted that my wife flies back alone, as we found one seat and we had a close friend’s wedding to go to. At least that way, one of us made it. It was 23rd December and getting myself back to Malta over the Christmas period was a nightmare. It took me 36 hours to find a seat back.

Companies are encouraged to invest to stay ahead of the curve. As a business leader, how will you be investing in yourself this summer?

I have taken a few weeks out of the office as technology today allows us to stay connected even away from our desks, and what I need to learn is that it is possible to switch off completely. We have a strong management team as well as dedicated staff who can get things done. I need to learn that you can let go.

From recharging your batteries to taking on a huge task – do you have any particular goals for the summer?

We are in the very final stages of taking a decision on a major investment in new technologies that will allow us to further automate processes and increase efficiency. I hope to have the decision taken and the project kicked off by the end of the summer.

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Fenlex Group CEO Karl Diacono (right) together with his wife (left)

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