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On Wednesday (today), Revpanda Chief Operating Officer (COO) Glenn Debattista reflected on his struggles with impostor syndrome and how one can overcome it.

In his words, impostor syndrome “is the nagging voice in your head telling you that you don’t deserve your accomplishments, that you’re not good enough, or that you don’t belong.”

Symptoms of the syndrome also include increased anxiety and stress, as well as difficulty accepting praise. It is so common that an estimated 70 per cent of adults struggle with it at least once in their lifetime.

From his research, Mr Debattista found that this is common among high achievers – as well as others – who struggle to internalise their success.

In comments given to, Mr Debattista expressed his belief that when one has imposter syndrome, they should use it to spur and improve themselves in aspects they are still lagging in.

“I think most of us have this impostor syndrome, because we feel like others are always better than us or we are not good enough for that role,” he shares.

Speaking from his own perspective, Mr Debattista noted that he has also suffered from impostor syndrome. Negative thoughts have previously led him to question whether his success was due to luck rather than his own achievements.  

“We talk a lot about mental health issues, and I think impostor syndrome, if not handled properly, can have a negative impact on our mental health,” he continued.

This prompted Mr Debattista to share his top five tips to combat impostor syndrome.

  • Acknowledge your feelings:

Mr Debattista noted that it is important to recognise and name the ‘impostor feelings.’ He highlighted that knowing that it is a common experience can help diminish its power.

  • Celebrate your wins:

The COO shared that it is imperative to take time to reflect on achievements, no matter how small.

  • Seek support:

Mr Debattista noted that talking about your feelings with a mentor, colleague or a friend can be beneficial as “chances are they’ve felt the same at some point.”

  • Reframe failure:

He recommended viewing mistakes as learning opportunities rather than evidence of incompetence. “Everyone makes errors – it’s part of growth.”

  • Set realistic goals:

The final tip is to break down big tasks into smaller, manageable tasks, highlighting that it is important to “celebrate progress, not just perfection.”

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