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The past year has been one of learning and growth for Panta Group CEO Katrina Attard, who has had to learn how to balance her professional endeavours and family life.

In 2023, she led the company through what she described as a “transformative year”, overseeing the building of an executive team, a newly appointed Board of Directors, and a variety of product launches.

As part of MaltaCEOs.mt’s end-of-year series, she reflected on how successfully navigating through these transformations, while prioritising a full family life with three young children, is her proudest personal milestone of the year.

Ms Attard stated that this has been a learning experience, yet she added: “I’m steering a legacy company with a rich past and promising future, achieving professional success and prioritising family.”

As Panta Group cements its growth path, Ms Attard stated that she values the support from the executive team, emphasising stronger corporate governance backed by a newly appointed Board of Directors. Looking forward, she envisioned the company evolving to meet the growing demand for sustainable, comprehensive solutions and cutting-edge technologies in building services.

Earlier this year, Panta Group announced that its Board of Directors is now composed of Ms Attard and Kris Micallef as Directors, Non-Executive Directors Mario Camilleri and Jacqueline Camilleri, as well as Director and Group Chairman Henry Attard.

Ms Attard stated that these appointments, together with the other aforementioned initiatives, are backed by Panta Group’s “strong strategic direction” and “cautiously optimistic team” tasked with shaping the group’s future.

Looking ahead to next year, Ms Attard said that Panta Group is “poised to evolve further by capitalising on the growing demand for sustainable solutions, expanding its brand portfolio, and embracing cutting-edge technologies.”

Despite challenges in talent acquisition and global price pressures, she remained optimistic, focusing on opportunities in ESG considerations and innovation as Panta Group works towards seeking “more sustainable and conscientious building practices”. For 2024, she set the target of broadening the product portfolio further, deepening expertise in ESG compliance and enhancing client support.

Ms Attard remarked that all of these ambitious goals can only be achieved with the help of the “solid support network” she has both at home and at the workplace.

Away from work, she wants to find more time to exercise on a more consistent basis.

When asked how she intends to celebrate the New Year, Ms Attard said that she will make sure to get plenty of rest in order to recharge, while also spending lots of quality time with her family.

Fast-forwarding to next year, she envisages herself celebrating personal and professional milestones. “I look forward to overcoming more challenges, sharing successes and adding a few more colourful chapters to my life story,” she said.

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Panta Group CEO Katrina Attard

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