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Edu Alliance Founder and CEO Martin Borg has pointed out that during the past year, he has successfully completed a half marathon and given up smoking for good. These two achievements required him to have an immense amount of mental strength.

The stress brought about by a hectic business lifestyle can result in many individuals losing track of their mental and physical wellbeing. This very often results in them resorting to unhealthier and more damaging habits, like stress-eating and smoking.

These days, many business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the need to lead a healthier lifestyle, choosing to incorporate exercise into their daily routines. Yet to many, giving up smoking tends to be one of the toughest hurdles to cross.

The determination to overcome this challenge was one of the topics we discussed with Mr Borg as part of’s end-of-year interview series, looking back on the personal milestones he achieved in 2023. Additionally, we also gained some insight into how he intends to spend the final days of the year, together with his goals for 2024.

Mr Borg founded Edu Alliance back in 2021 with the aim to provide individuals and businesses with strong, innovative education and training systems. Dealing with a number of clients, ranging from training providers to upcoming enterprises, can be stressful. Yet to him, a combination of having a hardworking team, together with being personally resilient, can help alleviate these challenges.

What words would you use to sum up your 2023? Why?

Achievement, hard work, and connection.

This year has been full of experiences and activities that pushed me to grow, both personally and professionally. The connections I’ve made have been very important in this journey.

What personal accomplishment from the past year are you most proud of?

Mastering the half marathon and stopped smoking in the process.

I successfully completed my first half marathon, a personal goal that demanded discipline, dedication, and a whole lot of determination. My mental toughness helped me a great deal to do the run and mostly to give up my bad habit.

What are you most grateful for this year?

Above all, I’m grateful for the resilience my team and I have showcased, carrying us through different challenges. Whether it was adapting to unforeseen changes or facing setbacks, the ability to bounce back has been my greatest asset.

How are you going to spend the New Year?

I will surely be spending New Year’s Day with my two kids, Yasmin and Luke, together with the rest of my family for lunch. Then I wish to spend the rest of the day with my close friends having a coffee.

What are the biggest opportunities and challenges you believe 2024 will bring?

In 2024, I see opportunities in embracing innovation, both in my professional and personal life.

However, the primary challenge will be striking the right balance between ambition and well-being.

Is there a particular skill you’d like to develop in the new year?

I aim to develop the skill of mindfulness in the coming year. With the fast-paced world around us, mastering the art of being present will be crucial for my overall well-being.

Is there something you’d like to change about your daily routine?

I’d like to introduce an evening routine that includes meditation. I believe that ending the day with a positive mindset can help me to achieve a better mental state.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?

A year from now, I envision myself working hard and possibly in a smarter way, while also consolidating my creations and ideas further.

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