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BNF Bank plc CEO David Power has highlighted the role that investment in workforce and technology will have in the prospects of Malta’s banking sector.

His comments come after the bank recently held its second town hall meeting, which focused on engaging the team and keeping internal communication channels firmly open. The first meeting of the sort was held in April, whereby BNF Bank’s employee base from different units, departments, and branches, came together to discuss issues, share ideas, and ask questions in an “open and interactive” manner.

BNF Bank Town Hall / BNF
BNF Bank’s second town hall meeting / BNF Bank

The second town hall meeting served as an opportunity to share an operational update with all staff, and to further strengthen the organisation by keeping all employees up-to-date with projects. The Executive Committee also reported results, put forward the bank’s plans for the months ahead on its digital transformation and ESG journey, as well as promoted a positive organisational culture.

Mr Power said these meetings give management the “opportunity to take on direct and challenging questions” and to also open a space for dialogue, feedback, ideas, and exchange.

“Employees are in this way empowered to make faster and better decisions in line with the bank’s values and priorities,” he added.

He stressed that the culture that BNF Bank builds has a “tangible impact” on the business, customers, and the community it serves.

“This investment in a skilled and diverse workforce, coupled with out hefty investment in technology, will shape the future of banking in Malta,” Mr Power stated.

This meeting also served as a platform for the bank to launch its Pink October and Movember campaign among staff, promoting fitness and healthy living. Through the distribution of a fitness token, BNF Bank’s staff are encouraged to take the first step towards keeping fit. Donations through the staff-led YourCause initiative are being collected during October and November in order to support the services offered by Karl Vella Foundation. Just like in previous years, male and female employees within the risk age brackets were offered free mammogram and prostate screening in a bid to encourage testing. Staff will also be able to participate in a nutrition and healthy eating seminar.

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BNF Bank plc CEO David Power / BNF Bank


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