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Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) CEO Pierre Fenech on Tuesday highlighted the strides that the organisation is seeking to make in the film industry.

This was said following an agreement between ITS and the Mediterranean Screen Arts Academy, through which a new department at ITS will be created to offer vocational programmes within the film sector.

The agreement was signed during a conference addressed by Mr Fenech, Minister for Tourism and Consumers Protection Clayton Bartolo, and Mediterranean Screen Arts Academy Co-Founder Trevor Walton.

Mr Fenech remarked that the ITS is giving “increased importance” to niches in the tourism industry that incorporate local touristic product.

Pierre Fenech ITS / DOI / Jeremy Wonnacott
ITS CEO Pierre Fenech during the address / DOI / Jeremy Wonnacott

“After we signed an important agreement with one of the world’s most reputable school in the world of diving, we are extending our vision to the film industry,” he said.

“This agreement of collaboration will be of great help so that we continue improving the quality of education offered by the ITS,” Mr Fenech concluded.

Minister Bartolo noted the growth the film industry experienced in Malta in recent years requires increased work on improving skills as well as the provision of education that can encourage more people to enter the industry.

“It is crucial that the ITS continues to be proactive by offering more educational opportunities to students that choose a career in tourism,” he said.

“Our duty requires us to continue encouraging more people to enter the industry, so that in the future, local tourism will have worthy ambassadors across each level of the touristic product that we are offering,” he added.

Minister Bartolo also stated that these vocational programmes in the film industry offer Malta’s film industry the chance to continue “increasing its level when it comes to human resources”.

Touching on the agreement, Mr Walton noted that the Mediterranean Screen Arts Academy remains “optimistic that this collaboration between the two parties will result in success”.

Established in 1987, ITS is Malta’s leading tourism and hospitality educational institution, offering a broad selection of study programmes.

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ITS CEO Pierre Fenech / ITS


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