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Founder and Managing Director Paul Magro on Monday celebrated RiskCap International Ltd’s 10-year anniversary since its establishment, a journey that has taught him “a few lessons”.

RiskCap was founded in 2013 and provides customised risk management, regulatory and anti-money laundering compliance, regulatory reporting, governance solutions, and other ancillary services. It has a diverse team of experts in compliance, finance, accounting, mathematics, and risk management. In 2022, it was acquired by AK Jensen Group, a leading provider of institution-grade solutions for hedge fund managers.

Dr Magro described the anniversary as a “major milestone” and a “big achievement”, with it being “one of the most important relationships” – other than that with his wife – that he has had since he finished his Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting and Finance in 2013.

“10 years. Nearly a quarter of my life. It seems like a lifetime ago, but somehow it has passed so quickly. It’s been a journey I’ve relished every minute of. Hitting the big 1-0 with RiskCap has made me quite reflective and it’s impossible not to look back and ponder,” he said.

He noted that when he founded the company, he was still “a young man, eager to impress, achieve” and thought he “knew everything”. “I didn’t, and I still don’t, as I’m still learning,” he remarked.

Dr Magro explained that he is still learning because he is with “the right company”, as learning on the job is “all about the fit”.

“I love what we are doing at RiskCap. There’ve been ups and downs over the years, of course, but I’m still here and there’s a reason for that; I believe in the company. If I can replicate my own employment experience for my employees, then I know I’m doing my job right,” he added.

In order to best explain the lessons he has learnt since founding the company, he linked the journey to sailing.

“There are so many things to consider depending on your environment. Size of the waves, strength of the wind, boat balance, your own conduct, and so on. I have come to understand that resilience and humility go together. If you are grounded in your company’s purpose, it gives you energy to navigate the storms,” Dr Magro noted.

He added that humility also helps one realise that they don’t know everything, thus encouraging them to reach out for help and learn.

Throughout his experience leading the firm, he has also learnt to treat others in the same way he wishes to be treated, to “always look at the long-term win”, to listen and consider everything, to value his service and also respect his peers.

“I like to think I’m an honest and decent person and that I attract likeminded clients and employees. RiskCap has fostered all of these traits and that’s why we are still going strong after 10 years,” he continued.

Given that RiskCap works in an “everchanging industry”, as it implements its digital strategy, Dr Magro stated that it will “continue to evolve” and do what it does best but “with a twist”. By introducing new technologies to its service line, the company will “enhance the service” provided to clients.

“Automation, AI, and blockchain are technologies that will be shaping not only the financial services industry but also how we will be doing things in the future at RiskCap,” he explained.

He added that he has “a lot to thank RiskCap for”, as it has been a “major influence” on his professional as well as his private life.

He concluded by saying: “My partners and mentors have been of great guidance over the years, and I’d like to use this platform to thank them personally for everything they have done for me over the last 10 years. It’s been a wonderful journey that has been a privilege to share with you. Thank you. I look forward to the next 10 and the challenges to come!”

Dr Magro is vastly experienced in the financial services industry, having also worked in consultancy and outsourcing roles in the past. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting and Finance and a Master of Science in Finance, both from Bangor University, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance from University of Malta.

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