Karl Dandler / MIA

Malta International Airport plc (MIA) on Monday announced that Karl Dandler’s term as Chief Financial Officer has been extended until 1st September 2025.

Mr Dandler was first named in the position in 2015, having already held top leadership positions within the aviation industry, including at Austrian Airlines, Kosice International Airport, and Ukraine International Airlines.

MIA shared that his understanding of economics and the aviation industry were “crucial” to the formulation of its strategy to preserve cash flow during the COVID-19 pandemic and to “successfully navigate” the crisis.

He is also a Member of the company’s Board of Directors.

Additionally, MIA announced the promotion of Justine Baldacchino as Head of Sustainability and Analytics, after over 11 years at the company. She had first joined in 2012 as Research Analyst, and has, most recently, occupied the role of Sustainability and Analytics Manager.

Justine Baldacchino / LinkedIn
Justine Baldacchino / LinkedIn

In her new position, she will retain responsibility for the setting of environmental targets in relation to climate, waste and water management, while also leading the effort to reach them. She will also manage the airport’s progression in the Airport Carbon Accreditation Programme.

Ms Baldacchino will also continue to oversee the analytics function, leading MIA to implement “further data-driven improvements”.

She is also a Member of the company’s Corporate Responsibility Committee and established MIA’s Environmental Working Group in 2021.

Commenting on the news, MIA CEO Alan Borg thanked Mr Dandler and Ms Baldacchino for their “valuable contributions” to the company so far, before adding that he looks forward to continue working with them “at this critical juncture for MIA”.

“These appointments ensure that there is continuity at a time when we are realising an ambitious €175 million investment plan while gearing up for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive’s increased requirements in relations to ESG,” he explained.

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Karl Dandler / Malta International Airport


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